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Study on Chinese Contemporary Peasants’ Political and Institutionalized Participation

Author: ChenSongYou
Tutor: WangCaiBo
School: Jilin University
Course: Political Theory
Keywords: Political participation Institutionalized University Press Farmers' associations Villagers' autonomy Traditional political culture Science Press NPC deputies China's rural areas Chinese farmers
CLC: D621.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Political participation is the focus problem always noticed by politicial scientists and sociologists. It is an important phenomenon of modern political life and the crucial index to measure political modernization. Certainly, it is also the main contents on democracy constructing. It is well-known that China is a big agricultural country where the majority of people are peasants. In China the level and the extent of political participation by peasants directly affect the progress of Chinese political democratization further as well as influence Chinese political development. This thesis explores a series of problems centered on institutionalized political participation of contemporary peasants in China profoundly and systematically. Concretely speaking, it includes the actuality, restricting factors and the various ways of improving institutionalized political participation. It is directed by basic principles of Marxism Politics. The problem of institutionalized political participation is the core and focus in this article. The research methods adopted by it are mostly ecological analysis, literature analysis, historical analysis, and so on.1. At first, the thesis analyzes what is the institutionalized political participation of Chinese contemporary peasants. In this sector, the thesis conceived a basic theory frame encircling institutionalized political participation of peasants. It consists of the basic concepts, characters and types. The thesis considers that institutionalized political participation is the behavior of subjects who participate in political in political life and affect political process according to the institution and procedure proscribed by constitution, laws, rules, policy and byelaws. Institutionalized political participation characterizes universality and procedure, validity and rationality, expectation, value identification, patternized participating behavior. Contemporary peasants’institutionalized political participation activities in China can be divided with the following types: public-opinion-representation, public-opinion-expression, politics-harmonizing, villager self-government.2. In the second sector, The thesis analyzes the actuality of contemporary peasantrys’institutionalized political participation in China. Firstly, as for the activity of contemporary peasantrys’institutionalized political participation in China, the thesis cleans up the evaluative course, analyzes the relative achievements in new era, the obvious matters peasants confronts with in the process of institutionalized political participation are also emphasized. The thesis considers that consciousness of political participation for Chinese contemporary peasants has been obviously boosted up; the participant modes also appear plural; the participant instruments are becoming more and more modern; the extent of participation are deepened and enlarged too. However, there are still many problems such as disperse participant subjects, non-normal participant activities, imbalanceable participation, low-efficacy participant, the expanded non-institutional participation activities and so on.3. In the third sector, the thesis discusses the restricting factors on contemporary peasants’institutionalized political participation in China. No doubt that there are a lot of problems about peasantrys’institutionalized political participation. Then, it is what that caused these problems, and it is which factors that restricted the action of peasantrys’political participation. The thesis deeply takes apart these questions from the angle of participants, political, economical, cultural and legal environment of participation. In the opinion of this article, peasantrys’limited making, negative recognition and low systematization belong to the restricting factors from political participant subjects. Moreover, Non-perfect systems of political participation, a not very transparent political process, illegal administration from grass roots regime, rent-seeking and corrupted behaviors generated from public power, limited and dissimilated villager self-government, and these factors are obstacle from political environment. The economic development level of rural area is low , this fact is the economical environment that peasants have to face with during their political participated activities; The traditional political culture rooted in feudal society is cultural environment which cumber the political participation of our countrys’peasants. The absence of interrelated legal rules, the dim legal consciousness of peasants, the lack of legal belief and the non-formality of judicial department during the process of executing law form the legal environment of restricting peasantrys’institutionalized political participation.4. At last, aimed at those problems our countrys’peasants confronted with during the process of political participation, the thesis puts forward some suggestions and measurements to realize the institutionalized political participation of contemporary peasants in China. The thesis proposes that we can achieve the above goal by improving the making of participant subject and building the surroundings of political participation. As far as the improving of participant subjects’ability, we can start with the following aspects. On the one hand, peasants’political potential should be promoted; on the other hand, peasants’association should be established so as to increase peasant’s systematization. As for the constructing of participating environment, institutionalized system of peasantrys’institutionalized political participation should be constructed and perfected on the political environment, local government action should be stipulated; country economy should be energetically developed to increase the physical foundation of peasants’political participation; participating culture should be shaped on the basis of the existing cultural environment; Certainly, law principles should also be perfected so as to make the peasantrys’political participation more legitimate.It is rarely that the problem on Chinese peasants’institutionalized political participation has been explored completely and systemically in the field of Chinese political science. The thesis tries to analyze the problem of Chinese peasants’institutionalized political participation. It is a new angle to explore socialistic democracy and politics. It has a certain extent on exploration and innovation. And it has also a certain consulting value. Based on frame of Chinese contemporary politics, the advancement and realization on Chinese peasants’institutionalized political participation are a long and complex systemic project. Of course, many problems have not been concerned. There are some disadvantages on some issues and analyses. The study of this problem will be explored deeply in the future.

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