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Study on Sino-U.S. Relations under Economic Interdependence

Author: XuYanJun
Tutor: WangJiaFu
School: Jilin University
Course: International political
Keywords: economic interdependence power Sino-U.S. relation
CLC: F125.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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After the World II, especially the end of cold war, the increasing interdependence is a significant trend in the international economy. Over the past few decades, there has been a surge of interest in the impacts of economic interdependence on international relations. And with the intercourse in the economic area between China and U.S. has reached a unprecedented high level, such researches become relative with the future of Sino-U.S. relations.Chapter One: International Relations Under Economic interdependenceIn this chapter, I will synthesize the views on economic interdependence of realism and liberalism. Liberalists argue that high level economic interdependence brings about economic gains, increases the cost of war, and improves the communication between nations. Thus, it will promote cooperation and reduces the opportunities of conflicts. Liberalism theories have justified this view and elucidated different causal mechanism through which economic interdependence can effect state’s conflict behaviors. However, these liberal views have been charged by many realists. Realism theories, consisting with its tradition, emphasize on the state’s security concern in the anarchy system. From this point, they argue that the asymmetry and vulnerability led by the increasing interdependence will exacerbate state’s security and in turn make conflicts more likely.Since either of the two perspectives has it’s merits and deficiencies, I intended to build a appropriate analytic frame for the subject of this paper through discussion of these different theories, that is how will economic interdependence effects the Sino—U.S. relations.Chapter Two: Economic Interdependence as a Power MeansEconomic interdependence is a kind of power relation, with can effect one’s actions or intentions through providing benefits or threating to hurt. As one kind of politics power, economic interdependence needs a multi- dimension definition just as the power concept. Before using this kind of relationship as a power weapon, one state must shape a situation under which the other state depends on it heavily, and makes itself on an advantage power position. The using of interdependence as a power means will be constrained by some other factors. First, the patterns of economic interdependence may not develop as the government’s intention. Second, we must also consider the issue of power’s transition from one area to another.Chapter Three: The Economic Interdependence between China and U.S.Next step I will examine to what extend China and U.S. are economic interdependence. To do this, I must choose an indicator for measurement. Realism and liberalism have different opinions about which indicators are suitable for the measuring of economic interdependence. In this chapter, I mainly use bilateral trade data. Then the structure of trading goods, the geographic distribution of the trade in both countries and the benefits gained from trade will be supplemented. Chapter Four: The Cooperation and Conflict between China and U.S.under Economic InterdependenceThe discussion previously has prepared a base for the inquiry on the subject of this paper. Before using the analyzing frame work I have proposed, I will first define the content and structure of China’s national interests and compare it with U.S.’. Through the comparison, I can find out the source of the conflictions. Then I will choose three typical cases to analyze and test. Finally, I will draw a conclusion about the effect of economic interdependence on Sino-U.S. relationship.Chapter Five: China’s Choice under Economic InterdependenceAccording to the conclusion drawn in chapter four, I will propose some suggestion about how China can protect and promote it’s national interests under economic interdependence. More important of all, with an eye to the possibility of confliction between China and U.S., some measures must be done to reduce the China’s dependency on U.S., such as establishing strategic reserve, dispersing China’s foreign trade to more other areas or countries, and transforming the growth mode of our national economy. At the same time, we should push Sino-U.S. relation toward regimlization.

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