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The Application of Tussah Silk Peptide and CTAB Templat for the Synthesis of Mesopore Molecular Sieve

Author: YangHui
Tutor: LuQiLin
Course: Physical and chemical
Keywords: Tussah silk Tussah silk peptide Template Mesoporous molecular sieve Characterization
CLC: O643.36
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The tussah silk is a natural protein, has the porous structure. Biological peptide-tussah silkpeptide can be extracted from natural tussah silk, its main conformation is the antiparallel β-folding structure. Molecular chain can be divided into all the same direction outspread parallelfolding flake structure and the adjacent molecular chain are in the opposite direction of theantiparallel folding sheets extension structure. This paper used tussah silk peptide and cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) as combined template to prepare mesoporous molecularsieves, broaded the road for taking peptides and other biological macromolecules as template toprepare molecular sieve, and the application prospect is worth looking forward.First of all, this article used acid hydrolysis on tussah silk to preparation of tussah silkpeptides, with the hydrolysis rate as measurement criteria, using an orthogonal test to researchthe best condition, and characterized tussah silk peptide by means of XRD, TG-DTA, IR, SEMand other methods, through the characterization to research the internal structure of the trssahsilk peptides.Secondly, use of dialysis separation technology to separate tussah silk into tussah silkpeptides solution with different molecular weight range, with CTAB as composite template bymixing ratio, and sodium silicate for silicon source, through the hydrothermal method tosynthetize a series of samples. Using XRD and N2adsorption-desorption to studied the structurecharacteristics of the samples. The results show that, when tussah silk peptide’s molecularweight more than7000, the product’s specific surface area are above402.6m2/g, aperture isconcentration ditrbution in3.26nm, has the structure characteristics of mesoporous molecularsieve, and higher order.Finally, the tussah silk peptide with the molecular weight more than7000, and CTAB ascomposite template to synthetize a series of mesoporous molecular sieves products, we studiedthe influence of tussah silk peptide/CTAB, crystallization temperature, crystallization time,roasting temperature and other reaction conditions on the products. Using the XRD analysis inthe different conditions to studied products, it is concluded the optimum reaction conditions, andin this best possible conditions for preparation of mesoporous molecular sieve products, throughthe N2adsorption-desorption, IR, SEM, TEM and other test methods to analyse the structure andperformance of the products. The results showed that, the products with the structure ofhexagonal mesoporous, uniform particle size distribution, the structure with higher orderly degrees, the specific surface area are above468.2m2/g, aperture is more centralized distributionin3.32nm.

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