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Preparation of a New Type of Inorganic Antibacterial and Evaluation of Its Antibacterial Activity

Author: LuoWenBin
Tutor: ZhangZhao
School: Sichuan University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Inorganic antimicrobial agent Silver MCM-41 Template Mesoporous molecular sieve Fractal dimension Performance of sterilization
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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In this paper, a new type of inorganic antibacterial agent - silver in hole pure silicalite preparation and sterilization performance evaluation. Text using inexpensive inorganic silicon source as raw material, the use of Template synthesis of a specific surface area of ??a large, stable performance of mesoporous pure silicon zeolite as novel inorganic antibacterial agent of the carrier, using a powerful microscope - a computer associated with the system, scanning electric mirrors, N < sub> 2 adsorption, differential thermal analyzer, and X-ray diffractometer product morphology and crystal form analysis, surfactant concentration, crystallization temperature, crystallization time, pH value, calcination temperature the impact of factors such as the hole pure silicalite. The results showed that the suitable synthetic conditions for the concentration of the surface active agent should be of about 3%; pH value of 11; crystallization temperature of 125 ° C; crystallization time under hydrothermal crystallization conditions for 24h and calcined at a temperature of 750 ° C. Preparation of MCM-41 having 3.286nm the average pore diameter, 1.126cm 3 / g, a pore volume, 1371.14m 2 / g ratio of surface area having a complete through the SYSTEM ordered hexagonal structure. Through theoretical analysis and experimental verification, synthesis mechanism for the synergistic mechanism. In order to characterize its porous nature, this article using the box-counting dimension method to study the fractal nature of the appearance of the surface of mesoporous molecular sieves qualitatively that the surface of the material with self-similarity for random fractal. The fractal dimension of scale-free region has a certain value, the calculation results for the fractal dimension of activated carbon (about 2.21), significantly greater than about 2.6. This shows that the fractal dimension of the size and the porous material than the link between the size of the surface area, and thus can be used to characterize quantitatively the characteristics of the porous nature. The pure silicalite silver in hole prepared by the impregnation method. Using a small particle size of the raw material, the long time of immersion silver, a high degree of vacuum is advantageous for the zeolite containing silver. Test select suitable working conditions for the concentration of the silver solution is 5%, the immersion time is 1 h and an operating pressure of 0.04 ~ O.02MP. Cylinder synthetic mesoporous pure silica zeolite has abundant pore the opening porosity is more than three times the natural coral reef, while the corresponding containing silver the amount the reef containing silver amount more than twice, and has 37.1Mpa the compressive strength of the inorganic antibacterial agent is an ideal vector. Abstract inhibition zone test results confirmed the silver in hole pure silicalite significantly inhibited the growth of E. coli and B. subtilis. Pure silicon zeolite containing silver in the hole in the method of sterilization rate test showed a more than 95% of the sterilization ability of E. coli and B. subtilis. Prepared in this paper containing silver holes in pure silicon zeolite containing of silver amounted 32.91mg / g higher than the reef 14.85mg containing silver / g, it has good water resistance, and after soaking in water for 96 hours, still has a 99.9% sterilization capacity. Repeated three times, the sterilizing agent has sterilization rate of 75.29%, a sustained-release effect of holding a new type of inorganic antimicrobial agent.

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