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Amino Terminal Pro Brain Natriuretic Peptide and Endothelin in Normal Heart Function and Insufficiency Comparative Study on the Level of the Person

Author: QiuXiaoMing
Tutor: HuoManPeng
School: Yan'an University
Course: Internal Medicine
Keywords: NT-proBNP ET left and right ventricular dysfunction
CLC: R541.61
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective: This study of patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency in plasmaN-terminal brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) and endothelin (ET) levels weremeasured and the reflection of ventricular function by ultrasound heartbeat graphparameters related to the collection, study of NT-porBNP and ET in the evaluation ofcardiac function in the position and its role in clinical work in diagnosis cardiacdysfunction in application value, at the same time comparison of left, right heartdysfunction in patients with plasma NT-proBNP and ET levels, finally the relationshipbetween the issues discussed.Methods: This study consists of a sample of80patients, selected from the groupconsisting of Affiliated Hospital of Yan’an University cardiovascular internal medicineoutpatient and inpatient ward. Divide20cases of the control group (normal cardiacfunction.), left heart insufficiency40cases (including left ventricular systolicdysfunction group in20cases and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction group20cases),right ventricular dysfunction group and20patients in four groups. On the selectedsamples of all relevant clinical information collection, at the same time with the UnitedStates and New York Heart Association (NYHA) classification to left, right ventriculardysfunction in patients with cardiac function classification. On the normal control groupand all patients required on admission or treatment within24hours, ultrasonic heartbeatgraph examination, and venous blood was sampled, the plasma NT-proBNP and ETlevels were determined. Results:(1) through to the normal control group, left ventricular systolicdysfunction, left ventricular diastolic dysfunction group and right ventricular dysfunctiongroup among four groups of NT-proBNP content level comparison, tips, with leftventricular systolic dysfunction in the group was the highest (2207.64+1557.89pg/M1),followed by left ventricular diastolic dysfunction group (463.64+254.78pg/M1), andright ventricular dysfunction group (366.35+236.68pg/M1) is relatively low, but theformer were higher than those in normal control group (101.51+52.92pg/M1), thedifferences among the groups had statistical significance (P=0).(2) through the fourgroup of ET concentration determination and comparison of display, left ventricularsystolic dysfunction group (54.53+24.14ng/L) and left ventricular diastolicdysfunction group (47.35+15.23ng/L) were lower than that of right ventriculardysfunction group (42.98+25.16ng/L) is high, at the same time higher than normalcontrol group (14.43+6.47ng/L), the differences among the groups also has statisticalsignificance (P=0).(3) with NYHA grade of heart function gradually increased levelsof NT-proBNP also rises (specific performance: the NYHA II level:126.20+97.02pg/ml, NYHA III:554.91+249.01pg/ml, NYHA IV:1972.41+1565.36pg/M1), variousdifferences are statistically significant (P=0).(4) with NYHA grade of heart functiongradually increased-Determination of ET level also appeared corresponding elevated(the corresponding performance: NYHA II level:23.23+12.28ng/L, NYHA III:40.18+12.27ng/L, NYHA IV:70.17+12.45ng/L), at all levels between the difference hasstatistical significance (P=0).(5) through to the left ventricular dysfunction group studyfound, NT-proBNP and ET were positively correlated,(r=0.795, P=0), and LVEF(left ventricular ejection fraction) was a negative correlation (r=-0.762, P=0), andLVEDD (left ventricular end diastolic diameter) were positively correlation (r=0.896,P=0); ET and left ventricular ejection fraction showed a negative correlation (r=-0.436, P=0.005), and left ventricular end diastolic diameter were positively correlated(r=0.604, P=0). Conclusion:(1) in clinical work, NT-proBNP and ET can be used as the diagnosisof cardiac dysfunction is an important reference index of.(2) the research shows, rightventricular dysfunction in patients with plasma NT-proBNP levels than the determinationof left ventricular dysfunction in patients with significantly lower, and left ventriculardiastolic dysfunction in patients with plasma NT-proBNP and ET level determination inpatients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction is much lower.(3) by NYHA with thegrade of heart function gradually increased, NT-proBNP and ET were measured in waterthe average in the presence of elevated phenomenon, so the clinical can use two to theseverity of ventricular dysfunction related to forecast.(4) by statistics analysis,NT-proBNP and ET in patients with left ventricular dysfunction was positivelycorrelated, which showed differences in heart failure in the process of development, playa more important role in.(5) for the assessment of left ventricular function, NT-proBNPand ultrasound heartbeat graph relative with relatively good correlation.

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