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Effect of Different Dose Ulinastin on Acute Lung Injury Induced by High Temperature Gas in Guinea Pigs

Author: ChangYueJin
Tutor: HaoJian
School: Anhui Medical University,
Course: Internal Medicine
Keywords: Acute Lung Injury Ulinastatin Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Elastase IL-8
CLC: R563.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective To investigate the protective effect of ulinastatin with different dose onacute lung injury induced by high temperature gas in guinea pigs.Methods In this study, there were40health male guinea pigs,whose the body weightwas average from180to210grams. Guinea pigs were divided into the control group(N,n=10), damage group (I, n=10), the ulinastatin100000U/kg treatment group(A,n=10), the ulinastatin1000000U/kg treatment group (B,n=10) using the methodof random number tables. Firstly10%hydration chlorine was used to make guineapigs of group I, A, and B into anesthesia, and then put the guinea pigs into hightemperature gas experiment device platform to inhaled150℃high temperature airabout3minutes, which set up acute lung injury model. Then, we treated the group Aguinea pigs with the ulinastatin100000u/kg and treated the group B guinea pigs withthe ulinastatin1000000u/kg to observe the breath and activities of guinea pigs. Fourhours later, guinea pigs were made into anesthesia again and then extracted2ml bloodfrom abdominal aortic for arterial blood gas analysis.2ml blood extracted fromabdominal aortic venous were used to detect the concentration of elastase,interleukin-8and TNF alpha in serum. We cut off the right lung tissue to calculatewet/dry weight (W/D) ratio. The upper left lung tissue was also taken away to dye withHE and then to observe the pathological changes of lung using naked eye andlight-microscopy. The results were analyzed among group N,I,A and B. Results1. The general position of the guinea pigs: the activities of group N werenormal; whereas the activities of group I decreased significantly and response toexternal stimulus became to be indifferent. However, the state of group A, B werebetter than group I.2. Lung wet and dry weight (W/D)ratio: wet and dry weight (W/D)ratio of lung in groupI, A and B were significantly higher than group N (P <0.05), while group A and Bwere significantly lower than the group I, group B were significantly lower than groupA (P <0.05).3. Analysis of arterial blood gas: In pH, PaO2and PaCO2, there was significantstatistics difference between group I and group N, A, B (P <0.05); however, nosignificant statistics difference was found between group A and group B. In addition,we also found no significant statistics difference between group B and group N (P>0.05).4. The concentration of elastase in serum: there were significant difference in the aspectof serum elastase, group I, A and B were higher than group N (P <0.05). group A andB were significantly lower than group I(P <0.05), group B significantly lower thangroup A (P <0.05).5. The concentration of TNF alpha in serum: In serum TNF alpha, Group I, A and Bwere higher than group N(P <0.05), group A and B were significantly lower thangroup I(P <0.05); nonetheless, group B were not lower than group A(P>0.05).6. The concentration of IL-8in serum: In serum IL-8, Group I, A and B were higherthan group N(P <0.05), group A and B were significantly lower than group I(P <0.05),whereas, group B were not lower than group A(P>0.05).7. The appearance of lung tissue: the lung tissues were smooth, whole, pink, nocongestion, no bleeding, no edema and no infarction in group N. The lung tissues weredark red, hyperemia, edema and extensive infarction in group I. The state of group Aand B were better than group I. 8. HE staining of the lung tissue: No obvious injury, the complete alveolar structure, noalveolar walls edema and intersitital pulmonary infiltrated by a few leucocyte weredetected in group N. We found the most obvious lung injury in group I, such as thealveolar cavity hemorrhage, withering trapped alveoli, pulmonary intersitital edema,lung consolidation, a large number of inflammatory cells infiltration. Comparing groupA, B with group I, lesser degree injury were detected.Conclusion1. Acute lung injury model can be successfully constructed throughputting guinea pigs under the atmosphere of150℃high temperature gas for3minutes.2. The Ulinastatin can effectively reduce the extent of lung tissue damage and lunginflammation. The mechanism might be associated with Ulinastatin, which can inhibitexcessive inflammation and relieve lung injury to protect the lung tissue, by inhibiting,reducing excessive formation of interlukin-8,elastase and TNF alpha.

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