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Expression and Significance of Twist and VEGF in Renal Carcinoma

Author: LiZuo
Tutor: WuWanRui
School: Nanhua University
Course: Surgery
Keywords: Twist VEGF Immunohistochemistry QRT-PCR Renal carcinoma
CLC: R737.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Background:Renal carcinoma is a common disease of malignant tumor with its morbidity taking up2to3percent of malignant tumors and displaying an increasing trend in recent years[1].It features apt transference, poor prognosis and insensitivity to both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment of renal carcinoma based on gene level is of great significance. Twist is a type of oncogene discovered in recent years. It is indicated in research that its activation is closely related with occurrence, development and transference of human tumor. VEGF, the factor most effective and important for angiogenesis, participates in occurrence, infiltration and transference of tumor [2]. At present, the relation between Twist, expression of VEGF and renal carcinoma is rarely reported. Studying the expression and interaction of these genes in renal carcinoma is very meaningful for revealing mechanism of renal carcinoma occurrence and development, treatment and prevention of the disease.Objective:renal carcinoma and normal renal tissue4cm away from it is taken as research object. Expression of Twist and VEGF in renal carcinoma and the adjacent tissue is examined by immunohistochemistry and quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (QRT-PCR) and analyzed with statistical approach. The relation between staging and grading of Twist, VEGF and renal carcinoma is discussed to better understand their expressions in the disease occurrence and development. Methods:1.The expression of Twist and VEGF in renal carcinoma and adjacent normal tissue of72patients are examined with immunohistochemistry and quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction(QRT-PCR)2. The experiment data is analyzed with statistical approach.Result:1. As is indicated by immunohistochemistry, the expression percentage of Twist protein and VEGF protein in renal carcinoma tissue and adjacent normal tissue are62.50%(19.44%)、56.94%(16.67%) respectively. The expression of Twist and VEGF in renal carcinoma is higher than that in adjacent tissue, and the difference between has statistical significance (P<0.05). There is no significant difference of Twist and VEGF expression in different gender, age and tumor position (P>0.05). But apparent difference exists in Twist and VEGF expression of different TNM staging of renal carcinoma.2. As is shown by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction(QRT-PCR), the expression percentage of Twist mRNA and VEGF mRNA in renal carcinoma tissue is obviously higher than that in adjacent tissue. The expression percentage in renal carcinoma tissue has nothing to do with gender, age and tumor position. And there is significant difference of Twist mRNA and VEGF mRNA expression in different TNM staging (P<0.05).3. In renal carcinoma tissue, the Twist expression is positively correlated with VEGF expression (r=0.771,P<0.05).Conclusion:1.In renal carcinoma, the expression of Twist and VEGF is higher than that of the para-carcinoma tissue, indicating that Twist and VEGF play a vital role in the incidence of renal carcinoma. 2. The simultaneous analysis of the expression of these markers in tumor is conducive to the judgment of the pathological grading and clinical stages in renal carcinoma guidance of clinic treatment.3. Twist could be taken as the locus of the targeted therapy of renal carcinoma.

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