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Effect of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus on Thyroid Function in Neonates

Author: YinWei
Tutor: SunZhengZuo
School: Shandong University
Course: Clinical
Keywords: the gestational diabetes Newborn babies Thyroid function Bloodsugar Insulin c-peptide
CLC: R722.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Background and objective:Gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes mellitus, GDM), refers to the process of pregnancy first found diabetes, regardless of whether the situation after the birth of a sustained or whether need insulin or single diet therapy. Pregnancy GDM easy appear too much amniotic fluid, such as high blood pressure, childbirth damage and cesarean section rate was also increased significantly. Gestational diabetes mother of childbirth newborn can appear large children, respiratory distress syndrome, low blood sugar, maternal injuries, congenital malformation, hyperbilirubinemia occurs and so on a series of complications, adolescent and adult for high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, as well as the risk of disease were higher. Now consider the pathogenesis of GDM to insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, gene, cell factor closely related. Because the nerve, endocrine, immune three system between, through the same peptide hormone and common receptor influence each other, forming a complete adjusting loop, pregnancy mother’s high blood glucose, and high insulin hematic disease environment of the organs of fetal growth, endocrine, thyroid function may have an impact. However, about the gestational diabetes mother newborn whether thyroid function disorder, and all the indexes of thyroid function abnormal degree, the domestic and foreign relevant reports are relatively few. This study testing gestational diabetes mother of umbilical cord blood of the babies childbirth, T3、FT3、T4、FT4、TSH, insulin, c-peptide, the change of blood sugar, and neonatal weight, height, head circumference and foraging reflection, sucking reflex, and hold reflection, hug reflection primitive reflex, etc, and normal controls, this paper discusses the gestational diabetes to the newborn thyroid function, and the influence of the thyroid function and the index of blood sugar, c-peptide, insulin related, to reduce GDM mother during the complications of the newborn, improve the development of nervous system, prevent treat various diseases, provides the basis.Methods:1. The research object choice and group: Selection of linyi maternity hospital in maternity and child care centers and diagnosis of gestational diabetes during the women of the term newborns40cases as research group, its parent no thyroid disease, taking hormone drugs, pregnancy and hypertension syndrome, rheumatism, metabolism, immunity, blood system and other may affect the function of the thyroid disease; According to the blood sugar control during pregnancy, divided into blood sugar control good group of21, poor control group of19. According to the birth weight into large children group in18cases, normal weight group of22patients. In the same period the health of the selection, pregnancy delivery term40patients healthy newborn babies as control group. Each gender, age were no statistically significant differences were found.2. T3、FT3、T4、FT4、TSH detection:the electrochemical luminescence3. Blood sugar test:glucose oxidase method4. Insulin detection:ria analysis method C-peptide test:ria analysis methodThe results:1. The observation group T3、FT3、T4、FT4、blood sugar lower than those of the control group (P<0.05); TSH, c-peptide, insulin was significantly higher than the control group (P<0.01).2. Poor control of blood sugar group and control group good comparison:poor control of blood sugar group, T3、FT3、T4、FT4blood sugar are lower than those of control group is good, TSH, c-peptide, insulin higher than control group good (P<0.05).3. Great son group group compared with normal weight, T3、FT3、T4、FT4reduce blood sugar have a statistics difference (P<0.01), TSH, c-peptide, insulin increased significantly.(P<0.05);4. The observation group and control group hypoglycemia happen is:the observation group has six case of hypoglycemia, only one case occurred low blood sugar control. The incidence of hypoglycemia between the two groups was statistically significant difference (P<0.05)5. The observation group and control group neonatal development level is:a control group, GDM neonatal weight is larger, the small head circumference. The original reflection more difficult to draw out, or reflects not completely. The difference between both groups was statistically significant (P<0.01).6. The observation group thyroid function and blood sugar, c-peptide, insulin correlation analysis: The observation group of thyroid function index and blood sugar, c-peptide, insulin for Pearson correlation analysis shows that T3、FT3、T4、FT4and blood sugar is moderate are related (P<0.01), FT3、T4、FT4and c-peptide, insulin is negatively related to the moderate (P<0.01), T3and insulin is negatively related (P<0.01).Conclusion.1. Pregnancy high blood glucose, and high insulin hematic disease environment on fetal thyroid function impact. T3、FT3、T4、FT4、TSH abnormal and glucose, insulin, c-peptide abnormal relevant. GDM newborn weight and blood sugar value different different neonatal thyroid function, there are differences, low thyroid disease, the occurrence of birth weight and blood sugar closely related, or large children born hypoglycemia, endocrine system damage, synthetic thyroid hormone enzyme system by inhibiting, can make the thyroid function is low.2. GDM neonatal head circumference slants small, the original reflection abate, the influence of the newborn brain development. Pregnancy blood sugar control, reduce large children, can improve the level of the newborn thyroxine GDM, reduce the risk of falling behind the development of nervous system.

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