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Movements、Politics and Theory

Author: QianShuPing
Tutor: ZhangZhiPing
School: Shanghai Normal University
Course: Foreign Philosophy
Keywords: The totalitarian Nazi anti-Semitism racism lonely action
CLC: B712.59
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Arendt analysed totalitarian based on the experience (or Nazism so that shefound, these factors which constituted totalitarianism has its source in the Westerntradition of political philosophy. In other words, at the beginning. the Westerntradition of political philosophy lurked the possibility of totalitarianism, Nazismand Bolshevik just it’s fonnality showing. So she explored the factors which behindthe phenomenon, and then explored the relationship between philosophy andpolitics. In this book of〈The Origins of Totalilarianism>. Hannah Arendl proceedfrom19th century when the anti-Semitism rose, retrospective and rcfleet on thefactors and causes of the totalitarian, and then look at the colonial imperialismduring the First World War I. She focused on the phenomenon of totalitarianmovement and totalitarian government agencies, organizations, and operation,thenshe thinks that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during Stalin is actually thetwo forms of totalitarianism. Arendt pointed out that the prerequisite fortotalitarianism is the isolation and loneliness of human being.Arendt believes that the human being is plural and each individual actionswill lead to some uncontrollable consequences, and the history is conlingcncv.Marxism lightened the inevitability ot history, emphasizing the creation of humanbeing in history, so if we considered the political action as【lie production making isdangerous. Craftsmen build the material to fit the model, but the material has noright to speak. So if we think about the political thing just like productions, intheory, we will ignored the plural of human being, then wc will suppressed the individuals in practice. In the book <The Origins of Totalitarianism^Arcndtexplored a large number of the rules about Nazis and St’alins totalitarian, and sheexplored the background of Marxist in<the human condition〉. Humans as a pluralpolitical sens’e, each persons actions can start a new condition, in such interactionthe result is accidental and unpredictable. So it is lack of innovation and spatialdiversity when we trying to replace the action with the ulopian thought. Themodern complete the theoretically praise for labor, while in the the fliture how thelabor classless get free from labor? The human response the event that a satellitehas been set into space: You can get rid of the shackles of the Rarth. We leave theearth by the space technology, we challenge the nature by the nucleartechnology—the human being wish to get rid of the situation, including theextension of the life for more than one hundred years. The automation lead to thepeople to get rid of labor, causing unemployment. Economic modernizationdestroyed something solid. The property owner committed to maintain stability forthe property. Through large-scale deprivation of property, a solid property becamecurrent capital, humanity has entered an era of accelerating production andconsumption. The economy has become the center of public attention and policy,human making consumption decision by their desire tendencies, and they can nottake the responsibility, the poverty of thought has become a significant feature ofthe age. Then Arendt pointed out that the action is dangerous.Arcndt explored the historical conditions and structural factors of thetotalitarian political phenomenon and the factors of structure. She pointed out I hatthe totalitarian expanses for expansion, it is the result of the decline of thenation-state, arcism, a combination of capital and thugs, the anti-Semitism: but heranalysis of totalitarianism is not only history research, that is, not merely analysisof Nazism and Stalinism, but more importantly, to reveal the totalitarian politicalimplicaiion. that is the crisis of our time-political crisis of modernity, it also showsthat the crisis of Western civilization and its value system.

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