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Research on Deng Xiaoping’s Social Stability Concept

Author: DongLing
Tutor: ChenFaShui
School: Liaoning University
Course: History of Marxism Development
Keywords: Deng Xiaoping’s Social Stability Concept Political Stability Economical Development Ideological Stability
CLC: D61
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Social stability is the basic condition for social development and progress. Howto maintain social stability in the process of social modernization, is a very commonand important problems in developing countries. In the overview of the contemporaryworld political and economic situation, Deng Xiaoping make a profound reflection ontortuous course over past century, especially in recent decades.He attaches greatimportance to social stability in China’s modernization and Reform and Opening up.Deng Xiaoping founded social stability concept in accordance with internationalenvironment and the realities of China, and designed social stability mode whichresides stability in development, pursues stability in the development, and found away to achieve the long-term stability of Chinese society and sustainable developmentthe correct path.Deng Xiaoping’s social stability concept proposed in the historical background ofthe reform and opening up, but it’s formation logical starting point is consolidation in1975. During the Third Plenary Session of the11thCentral Committee of the CCP tothe eve of the13thNational Congress of the CCP, Deng Xiaoping graduallyunderstanding the instability factor. He aim against problems in political, economicand ideological aspects, elaborated the idea of maintaining social stability. During the13thNational Congress of the CCP to the "Southern Talk",the trend of bourgeoisliberalization in the country intensified, Reform and Opening Up was hamperedseriously. Therefore, Deng Xiaoping particular emphasis on the importance of theStability, and scientific interpret the relationship between reform, development andstability, as a sign of maturity of Deng Xiaoping’s social stability concept.Social stability in Deng Xiaoping’s social stability concept is a macro concept. Inthe eyes of Deng Xiaoping, the society is a collection of all relationships, is not asimple daily life intersection, but a a concentrated expression contain political、economical and ideological stability. In this macro-concept, the stability of eachaspect of social stability occupies a unique position. Economic development is thefoundation of social stability, political stability is the core of social stability, and the ideological stability of the social stability of the pilot. Based on macro-understandingof social stability, the second generation of collective leadership with Deng Xiaopingat the core proposed the "one center and two basic points" as the Party’s basic line. Itis under the guidance of this basic line, China made great achievements of Reformand Opening up at the same time, effectively safeguarding social stability.The Ideological Origins of the Deng Xiaoping’s social stability concept is theconcept of the contradictions of Marxism and Mao Zedong’s basic understanding ofsocial stability. On the basis of the classical writers and based on China’s nationalconditions, Deng Xiaoping summed up the relationship among reform, developmentand stability, provides a theoretical guidance for building socialism with Chinesecharacteristics. Compared with Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping in his later years,adhere to the ideological line of " Seeking truth from facts" better. He inherited thebasic understanding of Mao Zedong on the social stability and on the basis of MaoZedong put forward some new ideas.Deng Xiaoping’s social stability concept is to maintain the stability of the basictheory of the socialist countries, is another theoretical achievements of Marxism inChina. Deng Xiaoping’s social stability concept update the basic understanding of theChinese people for stability, it pursue stability in the development. Under DengXiaoping’s social stability and the concept of revelation, the stability work should bemore by the contradiction, the promotion of social development. Meanwhile, China’srulers should be a firm commitment to reforms, the excellent situation of reform andopening up into the long-term stability of Chinese society.

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