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Searching for the Balance between Development and Stability

Author: MengJun
Tutor: ChenShengYong
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Political Theory
Keywords: Political Stability Political Democratization Political Institutionalization Political Party the Balance between Development and Stability
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Our country is on the crucial period of social transition. With the social and economic development, it is a theoretical and practical problem how to maintain the balance between the development and stability. During the political development process, our country should maintain the base of Marxian political science, borrow the reasonable thought of western political development,and apply it to guide the political development practices. Samuel P. Huntington is the main scholar on political development, his research solves the imbalance predicament between the development and stability, and finds a new path to political stability and political democracy. There are no dissertation on Huntington’s political development on Chinese mainland. This article systematically investigates Huntington’s political development,analyses the intenal clue,and explores the political development modes .analyses the contribution and deficiency of his theory ,then points out the illumination to the contempory China political development. Hence ,the dissertation has some theoretical values and practical meanings .The research on Huntington’s political development should breach the mode either emphasis on political stability or on political democratization ,or the mode changing from political stability to political democratization.We should regard his theory as a whole ,and anlyze the internal clue of his political theory’ change .This dissertation regards the balance between the development and stability as the theoretical core of Huntington’s political development theory ,it is the main clue through his theory . Based on the traditional society and traditional political institution, during the process of modernization, because of the economic development and social mobilization, the underdeveloped countries encounter the imbalance predicament between the development and stability. Huntington finds the new path to maintain the balance between the development and stability, that is , strengthes the institutionalization level ,advances the democratization on the base of political stability through the orderly participation,and builds the stable democracy ,then achieves the balance between the development and stability.The dissertation’s conclusion is that political institution is the core to the balance between the development and stability; the powerful government is the key to political development; reform is the mechanics of political stability; state-building is the integration mechanics; political party is the organizational safeguard;and the democratization based on the orderly participation can realize the dynamic balance between the development and stability.Huntington and his political development theory has great influences on our academia. Analyzing the relationship between the new authoritarianism and Huntington’s political development theory, we can find the influence and the difference between Huntington and the new authoritarianism .His political theory has many inferences for our country’s political development practice.This dissertation points out his theoretical continuity,that is , the human nature base-evil nature; the ideology of situational conservatism; the main care for American nation interest; the adoration for the military power. In theory, Huntington’s theory breaches the linearity development mode and search for the governance road to the balance between the development and stability on the underdeveloped country’s behalves. However, his theory has many deficiencies such as the impractical institutionalization and ethnocentrism etc.

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