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Research on Wang Fuzhi's economic and legal thoughts

Author: BianYin
Tutor: DongChangChun
School: Nanjing Normal University
Course: Legal History
Keywords: Wang Fuzhi Economic law Land law Tax law Ban discussmethod
CLC: D909.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The thoughts of Wang Fuzhi’s economic law are building on the basis of historical materialism, and its economic thought and the legal thought in a scientific theoretical system. However, Wang Fuzhi’s life the more philosophical writings, so people pay more attention to the philosophy thought, few of its economic law ideas of system research, which to some extent hinders people on the Wang Fuzhi economic law idea adequately and use.Although Wang Fuzhi did not write the professional subject of economic law’s writings, he on economic law subject from middle to old age can be seen in many works, however, Wang Fuzhi’s economic and legal thought still has rich content, insights into the unique characteristics of. Especially in the Du Tongjian Lum, Wang Fuzhi from the system level and operation level of economic and legal problem made explain profound theories in simple language interpretation, makes his economic and legal thought here has a relatively complete and centralized expression. This is the focus of this study. The author of the original Wang Fuzhi systematically study and classification, is both a research basis and research methods. As a kind of economic law as the research thought of Wang Fuzhi, Wang Fuzhi has been paid attention to and follow the historical analysis and global analysis method, and it is also the important research methods.Through the research, we found that Wang Fuzhi’s economic thoughts of law are the comprehensive reflection of many theoretical achievements, his economic legal thinking far, is closely linked to the economic legal system to generate and run the social and historical conditions, and then draw the ancients developed economic law system is not necessarily suitable for future generations of the social condition of scientific conclusion. His economic law mainly includes land law, tax law and ban discuss law thought.In land law thought, Wang Fuzhi advocated that all land reform must be to admit private land for the premise, land of the free trade is a historical necessity. Based on this, he demonstrates the equal-field system in the system of prefectures and counties under not feasible, is a violation of the law of evolution of history. Wang Fuzhi also examines the Wei Dynasty system, summarizes the six major advantages and implementation of the necessary conditions, and warned people not directly copy the existing land system.In the tax law thought, Wang Fuzhi argued that high taxes, against local taxation. He from theory and practice two respects discussed in detail on the more reasonable. Specific to the history of Tang Dynasty, Wang Fuzhi thinks that rent Yong modulation is the most ideal taxes. For the history of the emergence of soil tribute system, Wang Fuzhi thinks that it is the most easy to breed the abuse of tax, should be resolutely abolished. On tax issues, Wang Fuzhi on the ancient" eleven Fu" were the actual investigation, and find out the theory and practice of tax tax difference great cause. Wang Fuzhi investigated Yang Yan’s after two tax law points out, continue to merge into duty tax load is increasing as an important inducement. On tax collection, Wang Fuzhi collection money than to collect objects more convenient. On the tax collection time, Wang Fuzhi thought that either early or late syndrome, syndrome, will cause harm to the country and people.In ban discuss law thought, Wang Fuzhi’s salt monopoly thought experienced in favor of transportation, the official sales Salt Monopoly in thought, and then are transported, business marketing idea changes. Although Wang Fuzhi endorses the salt monopoly, but not in favor of iron, koji monopoly or levy. He believed that iron, alcohol monopoly essence is to shift the burden to the farmers on the.Wang Fuzhi on Chinese traditional legal system understanding is deep, plus he has followed the history of holistic and analytical methods, so his economic thoughts of law has distinct practical theoretical character. But also because of Wang Fuzhi to the traditional legal system to understand the profound, but also easy to be fettered by convention, so his economic thoughts of law also has certain limitation. Of course, if Wang Fuzhi will be placed in the specific historical conditions of investigation, it is not difficult to understand that his economic and legal thought in the limitations.

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