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Individual development and social regulation

Author: ZhouNingXin
Tutor: DongDeGang
School: The Central Party School
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: individual development social regulation historicalsurvey theoretical analysis realistic reflection
CLC: C912.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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With the development of market-oriented economy, the demand forindividual personality, freedom, equality is becoming higher and higher,the individual’s development issue is getting more and more obvious.This objective trend has become gradually the basic power fortransforming and getting rid of the old social-regulation system. On theother hand, no matter how strong the individual’s development is, howintense the relationship between individual’s development and socialregulation is, the conditions in which the individual development mustrely on the integration and the intervention of social regulation cannot bechanged. The harmony and tension, consensus and differences showed bythe relationship between individual development and social regulationgradually become the causes for the problems, risks and crisis in modernsociety. The relationship between individual development and socialregulation has become the factor to analyze all major issue of modernsociety that cannot be avoided. The paper is aimed to be on the logicalthread of theoretical basis, the definition, historical research, theoreticalanalysis and realistic reflection, trying to use Marx’s "Free People"ideology as a guide to find the existing problem and solution to theindividual development and social regulation. The paper includes theinstruction and five chapters. The abstract is as follows.The introduction part is to elaborate the historical and presentsituation of domestic and international research, theoretical and practicalsignificance of the research, the research methods, and the academicgoals and possible innovations.The first chapter mainly analyzes the theoretical foundation of therelationship between the individual development and social regulation,explains the mechanism of individual development and social regulationrelationship. Then, the paper analyzes the material conditions ofindividual development and social regulation, the conditions for people"need". At last, the author mainly analyzes the philosophical basis for individual development and social regulation, by four methods ofmaterialist dialectics, historical materialism, Marxism human science andMarxist social organism thinking.The second chapter is to clarify the basic connotation of theindividual development and social regulation, to put forward my ownviews on the individual development and social regulation concept. Theauthor also wants to clarify the concept of individual development, thefree all-round development of human development and humanpersonality development. Lastly, the paper explains the methods, kindsand functions of social regulation.The third chapter is aimed to explain the relationship betweenindividual development and social regulation historically, dividing therelationship’s development into four stages as primitive society,pre-capitalist, capitalism and the Soviet model of socialism. Thehistorical conditions for the individual development at each stage aredifferent, and the methods and ways of the social regulation are alsodifferent. The chapter attempts to summarize the characteristics of therelationship between individual development and social regulation atdifferent stages.The fourth chapter is to make a theoretical analysis on the relationshipbetween individual development and social regulation. Firstly, the authoranalyzes the nature and the combination reasons of the relationshipbetween individual development and social regulation. The individualdevelopment needs social regulation and intervention, and socialregulation requires the support power of the individual development.Secondly, the author attempts to explain the relationship between theregulation subjects, objects and methods, which are the three basiccomponents of the social system. Then, the author explains theoperational mechanism of the individual development and socialregulation from a macro and micro perspectives. In a macro perspective,the subjects regulation and regulate the individual development by threebasic processes as decision-making, execution, feedback. At micro level,the subjects exchange ideas and statuses with the objects of the social regulation. Finally, this chapter discusses the evaluation criteria forindividual development and social regulation from the macro and microdimensions. The criterion at macro level is the “three favorable” standardput forward by Comrade Deng Xiaoping. The criterion at micro level iswhether the rights of each individual can be guaranteed and realized insocial regulation.The fifth chapter is to make a realistic reflection on the relationship ofindividual development and social regulation. The outstanding realisticproblems are the two followings: One is the security function of the socialregulation is not perfect. Second is the individual rights in reality arealways neglected. There are two reasons. The first is the structuralimbalances that are the imbalances in the components of social regulation,in the urban and rural areas, inside and outside of the system, differentareas. The second is most of individuals in our society are lack of civicawareness. The corresponding solutions are the followings. The first is topay more attention to the individual development, focusing on implementthe "people-oriented" scientific development idea. The second is toimprove the function of social regulation, by enhancing the predictability,improving the tissue function, and vigorously strengthening the securityand adjusting function of social regulation to establish a good relationshipbetween the individual development and social regulation.It is a great theoretical and practical important project to make aresearch on the relationship of individual development and socialregulation. To build a harmonious society with a reasonable structure,coordinated development and orderly function,we should establish andimprove the function mechanism of social regulation, to effectivelyrealize the rational allocation and effective integration of interests, toeliminate the barriers to all kinds of individual development,

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