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Value,Crisis and the Solution of the Read

Author: LuFeng
Tutor: ZhuYongXin
School: Suzhou University
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: reading value crisis solution new education
CLC: G40-02
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Modern society is full of crisis, and people are no longer as the meaning ofexistence, which is the biggest crisis of this age! Education is not only the social crisisis parry, instead its own impregnation and "kidnapped" by this phenomenon, from itsstarting point is supposed to be. People can not help but ask, education can change thesociety? In a criticism of the education, the temptation and Zhu Yongxin and his neweducation quietly started a far-reaching education exploration and practice, one of themost important action is the act of "builds a book sweet campus." More than a decade,on the one hand, the new education to carry out the practice of reading accumulated alarge amount of experience to reflection and summary; New education, on the otherhand, the practice of reading for sustained promotion is also an urgent need totheoretical propaganda and guidance. Based on this, this article attempts in theperspective of marxist philosophy to explore the nature of reading process, value, thecrisis, and comprehensively expounds the revolution of life education and reading,and reading the interrelation between the life and education reform.First chapter: in comprehensive analysis theory, interaction theory,constructivism and theory of generic objects defined on the basis of reading, readingis put forward in essence is based on the text dialogue and realize a of the person’s selfbuilding practice. The reading of the object is limited to the written text; The readingprocess is summarized as a kind of understanding and dialogue; Reading is to achievethe purpose of one’s self building is put forward. And according to the analysis of thecurrent mainstream various reading methods and significance.Chapter2: Analyze the modern theory of reading, the question about "meaning ishow to produce". Traditional reading didn’t distinguish the meaning of "text" and thedifference between the meaning of "reader", also didn’t distinguish the meaning of"text" itself "the meaning of the text itself" included in the literary meaning and the value of the "text", so can’t thoroughly solve the problem of the meaning of thereading activities to obtain. The author embarks from the materiality principle ofmarxist philosophy, adhere to the "objectivism" hermeneutic standpoint, recognisingthat there is a not change along with the reader’s subjective will and change the"meaning" itself. And put forward the correct understanding of text meaning isrelative, all understand is concrete, conditions and historical understanding,understanding will always be a historical process. Finally points out the traditionalreading evaluation principles, limitations of the plural "bounded" and puts forward anew reading evaluation principles-"depth degree".Chapter3: From reading on individuals, society, nation the modern value of thethree aspects in detail elaborated the reading. This paper discusses the read access forthe information, knowledge of individual and development the important meaning ofthe two dimensions of mind; Secondly analyzes the reading for economicdevelopment, cultural inheritance and innovation, political civilization, the basic roleof social harmony; Finally to the jewish people as an example, discusses the readingfor the future of nation and significant value.Chapter4: From the viewpoints of reading ’tropism visualization and network, acomprehensive analysis of the reading in the crisis of modern society, and points outthat such a crisis is the result of modern social transformation of human epistemologyand axiology, media and the interpretation of the commodity logic framework.Chapter5: Utilitarian reading crisis performance in reading value of humanismreceptivity, fracture and trespass, essentially human rational relationship betweeninstrumental rationality and value rationality in reading this particular humanactivities. And pointed out that at the moment we are looking forward to readingrevolution is not reading the media revolution, but in order to realize the utilitarianreading to the value of the fundamental shift of reading. And then live in Dewey’seducation theory as the guide, this shift in education the feasibility in life. Finallybecomes a kind of life do for reading the possibility and conflicting discussion,combined with the new education builds a book sweet campus reading practice as anexample, analyzed the possibility space.chapter6:Analyzed the utilitarian reading to value sex reading, the reading is away of life, reading brings changes to education life significance. On the knowledge dimension, and points out the rationalist knowledge view and the shortage ofempirical knowledge concept, put forward the constructivism concept of knowledgein the knowledge concept of education in the field of progress, then points out that themodern spirit of understanding and conversation with the intrinsic consistencybetween the educatees knowledge construction; In spiritual growth dimension, andpoints out the spirit generated by two conditions:"self" and "dialogue", present andreading are analyzed in detail, especially in the classic reading, these two conditionsand mechanism of action.

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