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Private High School Institutions in Jinan City, School-enterprise Cooperation Long-acting Mechanism

Author: GaoXiaoYan
Tutor: XuXiaoJie; GaoShouBai
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Business Administration
Keywords: the private higher vocational school school-company cooperation long-effect mechanism
CLC: G718.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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With the acceleration of economic growth style transition of China, striving to develop theprivate vocational education has become one of the important policy decisions for thereforms and developments of Chinese education. In recent years, the rapid development ofprivate higher vocational institutions has continuously met the diverse educational needs ofpeople. The channels of talent training have been further broadened, and the structural reform ofhigher vocational education has also been promoted. It should also be emphasized,however, thatconfined by the concept, capital and system factors, the private vocational institutions still have along way to go to cultivate talents that can meet the corporate demand for highly skilledworkforce. In order to change these situations, some private vocational institutions have changedtheir concepts to take the "step out" strategy, and started the school-enterprise cooperation. Themajor fields and course settings are adjusted by the business needs, and teachers who have bothability and political integrity are trained to be "dual qualified". Their self-development has beenfacilitated, the students have been more adaptable and competitive, and the graduates canacclimatize themselves to the business and social needs more easily. Now this school-enterprisecooperation is being more and more welcomed and recognized by the community.With many years of exploration and development of the school-enterprise cooperation, inthe major developed countries, the cooperation model has been mature. The institutions and theenterprises take good use of each other’s resources, complement each other’s advantages, andbenefit each other. And people are better-trained to meet their economic development. All ofthese should be taken into consideration seriously by us. The school-enterprise cooperation isrelated to many aspects including government, schools, enterprises and industry. On onehand, the successful operation of the school-enterprise cooperation is directly bound up with thelocal economic and social maturity, and their educational concepts and abilities. On the otherhand, it is also closely related to whether there’s a permanent mechanism compatible with thecooperation model.The choice of the modes, and the establishment and perfection of the mechanism of theschool-enterprise cooperation are onerous. Chinese school-enterprise cooperation started late anddeveloped fast, and as its private higher vocational institutions were initially closely related tothe enterprises, the cooperation has gained some achievements. There are eight private highervocational institutions in Jinan, all of which have taken the school-enterprise cooperation with varying degrees and modes. However, there are many problems and difficult ties in the currentschool-enterprise cooperation. The policy and financial support from the government are lacked;the operation and management of the school-enterprise cooperation by the private highervocational institutions are not perfect; the enthusiasm of the enterprises is not high enough; thestudents lack effective management in the process, and are not effecti- vely protected when facedwith an emergency situation; the industry associations haven’t played enough role for guidance,etc. Then which cooperation mode and mechanism should be taken to promote theself-development of the private higher vocational institutions and foster talents that can bettermeet the enterprises’requirements and can be contributive to the economic and socialdevelopment? This topic should be studied in depth.This paper is started from the mature school-enterprise cooperation modes and mechanis-ms in the major developed countries. The advantages of the modes and mechanisms of American“cooperative education”, Australian“TAFE”and German“dual system”and the experience andenlightenment we should get are analyzed and summarized in depth. The modes and currentsituations of the private higher vocational institutions in China, especially the eight ones in Jinanare carefully studied using the methods such as consulting literature, interviewing the leaders andon-the-spot investigation. Then combined with the features of the private highervocational institutions in Jinan, a work-integrated learning school-enterprise cooperation modethat requires strong support from the government, industry guidance, step by step guidance fromthe business, much participation by the institutions and close coopera- tion from the enterprisesis discussed and constructed. The SWOT method in the strategic management theory iscreatively used to quantitatively analyze the internal advantages and disadvantages and theexternal opportunities and troubles existing in the private higher voca-tional institutions in Jinan. Based on a great deal of detailed information, the level of thedevelopment of the school-enterprise cooperation is objectively reflected, then the foundation ofthe framework of SWOT matrix constructed for the school-enterprise cooperation is establ-ished, and the development strategy is confirmed. Finally, to ensure the healthydevelopment of the school-enterprise cooperation, the permanent mechanism including externalguarantee mechanism, internal dynamic mechanism and culture docking mechanism isconstructed.Based on the characteristic of the private higher vocational institutions in Jinan, the paperconstructs the mode and the permanent mechanism for the school-enterprise cooperation. On onehand, it is very useful for the institutions and enterprises to explore and try. On the other hand, itis beneficial to make full use of the resources and the environments from the institu- tions, enterprises, government and other sectors, foster talents that meet the demand from theenterprises and industries, and benefit all of the departments.

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