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Research and Application of Multi-channel Optimization Algo-rithm and Industry Wireless Communication Protocol Stack

Author: GaoGuangEn
Tutor: WangWei; LiuQuanLi
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords: Industrial Wireless Channel allocation Wireless Gateway WIA-PA IEEE802.15.4 NS2 Particle Swarm Optimization CSMA / CA Time Synchronization
CLC: TN929.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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With the development of wireless communication technology and sensor technology, wireless sensor networks are used more widely. Wireless communication with the characteristics and its unique advantage is gradually applied in the field of industry. The industrial application of wireless technology, both at home and abroad to conduct research and promotion related, industrial wireless standards work is also carried out simultaneously. Effects of wireless communication may be vulnerable to interference, thus enhancing the anti-jamming ability is particularly important for industrial wireless applications. Based on industrial wireless communication as the research background, according to the specific problems of industrial wireless communication in the thorough research, the main work is as follows. Multi channel frequency hopping is a very good way to improve the anti-jamming ability of wireless communication. For a multi channel protocol for industrial wireless domain is proposed, this agreement will be IEEE802.15.4 standard and multi channel allocation combined, according to the state of network dynamic channel allocation, and considering the factor of energy consumption, prolong the network survival time. The reserved field the protocol of IEEE802.15.4 standard was redefined, transmission channel allocation, switching information using a beacon frame load, increases the channel change notification commands and command channel state. The GTS and the channel allocation algorithm, as far as possible to increase the network capacity, reduce inter node interference at the same time. Channel switching to the packet loss rate and channel quality as the basis, when the packet loss rate is too high or too low when the channel quality, start the channel switching. In the protocol, throughput and reduce energy consumption than existing standards have greatly improved, and compatible with existing IEEE802.15.4 standards, is conducive to the realization and application. In addition to the multi-channel protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard, also studied the multi channel assignment problem in general. Multi channel assignment problem is shown to belong to NP hard problem, using the conventional algorithm for solving the difficulties. The solution of discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm is introduced to the channel assignment problem, the algorithm of the elements are defined in detail and description. By introducing the variation factor in the search process of particle swarm algorithm, improves the global search ability of the algorithm. Put forward a kind of control algorithm to transmit power, ensuring the network connectivity under the premise, the wireless transmitting power is as small as possible, greatly reducing the energy consumption of the nodes, and reduce the complexity of the particle swarm algorithm. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm effectively reduces the data collision and co channel interference, and reduce the energy consumption of wireless nodes, prolong the network life cycle. In order to promote WIA-PA standard, proposes and implements a common WIA-PA development platform. Based on this platform has carried out many experiments, verified the performance of the platform. Based on the development of the protocol stack in accordance with the WIA-PA standard, design and implementation of the physical layer, protocol of the data link layer and network layer, formed a small star network, the basic functions of the protocol stack are validated by experiment. The practicality of WIA-PA standard and the further study of the foundation. Based on the WIA-PA platform, further study of the MAC layer of IEEE802.15.4, which is the basis for a number of international standard, such as ZigBee, WIA-PA and Wireless HART. There is important significance to study how to improve, improve the performance of MAC layer. The MAC layer of the time synchronization technology and CSMA/CA mechanism research. Put forward a kind of low cost, high precision, low energy consumption and super frame mechanism based on time synchronization algorithm. This algorithm will timestamp information in the beacon payload frame, software is used to calculate the compensation method eliminates the influence of the transmission delay of time synchronization, the synchronization process of information exchange, the synchronization accuracy can reach 1Ous. In the mechanism of CSMA/CA, the initial BE value is 2, when the number of nodes and the data to be transmitted, they choose the backoff time have great coincidence probability. In order to solve this problem, an improved algorithm is proposed based on the packet, effectively reduce the backoff time coincidence probability, and improve the network throughput. In the industrial field, the vast majority of communication or by cable, cable and wireless coexistence and interconnection has become an important problem. The prototype of an industrial wireless gateway, the principle diagram is given, which can realize interconnection gateway, wireless Ethernet and fieldbus. Through the high and low temperature electromagnetic compatibility experiments verify the reliability of the wireless gateway in the industrial environment and the anti-jamming ability. In addition, the impedance of the RF matching circuit, an experimental approach is proposed to achieve good matching effect of RF circuit.

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