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The commercial influence to micro-blog public domain - a critical perspective

Author: LiuFuLi
Tutor: WangHui
School: Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences
Course: Journalism
Keywords: microblogging Public sphere commercial political economy ofcommunication
CLC: G206
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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It is the rapid development of communication technologies. With the2006adventof Twitter, the microblogging as a new means of communication was to be more andmore attention. In China, it is difficult to accurately depit what microbloggingchanged, but it is no doubt that microblogging had brought about major changes.From the forum, blog, podcast, the one for the public free access to cyberspace, itchanged to some extent, the dissemination of information in the form of governmentand governing philosophy,and it also opens up a new industrial park for businesses.The technology not existes in isolation, it is under the control of society. It hasmuch social impact depending not only on the characteristics of the technology itself,but also on the how to use, and who is going to use. Specifically, the microbloggingmain is under control in the hands of private enterprise, like the operator of a retailmarket, attracting all kinds of businesses and customersr. This profit-driven privateenterprise microblogging will bring what the prospects, worthing of profoundthinking.Political economy of communication media industrialization remains a highlysensitive and alert, and with the depth of media technology development andindustrialization, and the theory is gradually advancing. The political economy ofcommunication perspective to observe the applicability of this theory in front of thenew technology commercialization, from the perspective of a critical research onmicroblogging, it is the main content of this article.Access to basic data, this paper discusses the following aspects abou the businessof microblogging:the business process of it, how the microblogging withentertainment to attract the user name of the grass-roots, microblogging operators andthird-party cooperation and the commercial purpose of the design social games,microblogging operators currently the main way to profit. On this basis, the paperpoints out the negative impact of the commercialization of microblogging: themarginalization of public events, instant paid news dominate; the microbloggingoperators celebrity mechanisms uneven man-made right to speak, and the Internet freecontradictory to the spirit of equality; enterprise microblogging means more secretive,public information and non-public information to confusion and improve thedissemination of results of marketing information, weakening public; the finalanalysis from the perspective of the audience, that the above behavior is easy to makeaudience "anesthesia", reducing the degree of concern for public events.At the end of the article, several enhance microblogging public recommendations,in addition to improve the users of the new media literacy, and a more public policy iseven more important. This policy through the form of News Fund News Fund throughtaxation, state subsidies, the media and internal cross-subsidies obtained.The microblogging commercialization of course, there are a lot of positive impact,but domestic traditional media and new media show that lessons learned from theover-commercialization, wary of the market mechanism is necessary. In China, taking into account the presence of a large number of low-income people and capital to theexclusion of such groups, how to use microblogging, including new media to enhancetheir right to speak, to enhance the representativeness of the media in the publicdomain, but also a significant subject.

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