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The Research on the Function and Implementation Route of University History in the New Campus Cultural Construction

Author: ChenDongBao
Tutor: TangXiaoYong
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Ideological and Political Education
Keywords: University history Campus culture New campus
CLC: G641
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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University history is simply the development history of a college or a university, which is an objective record of a school’s development track showing the progress of the establishment, expansion, development of the school, and it is a kind of summary and accumulation of the school’s development experience, lessons, wisdom and other relative various aspects. Containing abundant content, University history includes not only the history of running the school, educational ideology, management mode, but also the school’s spirit, teaching style, unique spirit, beliefs and education teaching methods of the university. As university history itself including conclusive historical and rule, and containing the unique experience of the school’s development, it has been a necessary important basis. Therefore, in recent years, research on university history has gradually become a new field in the history research education, which is paid more and more attention by various universities and is being increasingly recognized by the college administrative workers with its function in recording history and its cultivation effect, such as providing history experience and cultural foundation for the long-term development of the campus.Nonetheless, with great quantity of new college campus are built and being put into use in our country, the problem that new campus lacks of historical, cultural and humanistic atmosphere has become increasingly serious. Faculty and staff, who teach or study on new campus, are always having a feeling that the new campus is just like a range of reinforced concrete stack, which is so-called "modern campus" without the supposed cultural atmosphere. This phenomenon is no doubt mainly due to the fairly short history of the new campus as comparative long time is a necessity to form cultural atmosphere. However, administrators should also examine themselves with their insufficient efforts in the cultural construction of new campus. It is an undeniable fact that new campus construction tends to take the physical environment construction merely, ignoring the construction of campus culture whether consciously or unconsciously.University history is the basis and foundation of campus culture construction and campus culture construction cannot go itself without the research of university history. As a Chinese academician named ShuZi Yang said, "Only we trace back to our five-thousand-year history, can we look forward a better modern future.’ Therefore, this paper is dedicated to do a research on the function and implementation route of university history in the new campus cultural construction. It will discuss specifically about the existing problems of the new campus culture, and then find out the combining site between the university history and the new campus cultural construction, thinking about the implementation route of university history in the new campus cultural construction, with the propose of providing enlightenment and settlement to deal with the problems, which has bored many universities in the process of constructing new campus culture.The main contents:Chapter I is the introductory theory.It mainly elaborates on the background and meaning of subject which is about the function and realizations of university history in advancing the construction of new campus culture. It refers to comment and analysis on the relevant research literature. At the same time, it introduces the research ideas and methods and offers some possible innovative ideas.Chapter II is the overview to related theory on university history, campus culture and new campus.First, it’s the explicit definition of concept about university history, campus culture and new campus.Second, there are concrete analysis and elaboration on the relationship between university history and campus culture. It illustrates that the relationship between university history and campus culture is in a sense tantamount to relationship between whole and part or vector and carrying objects. As a precise resource of campus cultural construction, the university history has played an important role in the campus cultural construction. Moreover, it is an important component of the campus cultural construction and the effective way to strengthen the campus cultural construction. This chapter is the foundation of research. ChapterⅢis the analysis of problem, principle, general idea and tactics about the new campus cultural construction.Nowadays, some universities pay attention to the arrangement of campus cultural elements as constructing new campus. But most of the location of a school or college is in the outlying suburbs. And it costs much long time to the fundamental construction of new campus. Some held the view that material construction is important than cultural construction. According to those situations, there are still a lot of problems in the new campus culture. Those problems refer to instability of new campus cultural construction, partial fracture in campus culture inheritance as well as unsound campus cultural subject. It is impossible for university to ensure its healthy and stable development out of the context of personalized and profound campus culture. At present, all the teachers, students and staffs in new campus have strong appeal to implement the inheritance, creation and spreading the campus culture in new campus for the purpose of accommodating the fast development of university in new era.The author has seriously analyzed the issues about the cultural construction of the new campus, and explored the causes which led to the problems. Then the overall idea and principles abided by in the process of campus cultural construction have been raised by the author. And the, principles include harmonious development, combination between inheritance and innovation and people first. Insisting inheritance is the basis of new campus cultural construction in universities. And innovation is the overall idea on the directions of the new campus cultural construction. Specific strategies about the new campus’ cultural construction are written in the end of this chapter. These strategies contain emphasizing development of the role on campus history, establishing harmonious and high grade campus environment, and insisting people first, giving full play to faculty, students and staff main role, and giving strong impetus to campus culture innovation by innovative concept, etc. It is significant to resolve the weak new campus culture foundation and inheritance issues with partial fracture by focusing on the role of campus history to play.ChapterⅣis about the campus history function described in detail in the new campus cultural construction. University history is not only a kind of valuable culture resource, also a sort of major medium to spread university culture. It is the most attractive and penetrative carrier and effective form through its intuitive, social features and abundant contents in university new campus cultural construction of the new era. It is also the important means and basis of culture innovation to inherit campus culture. Specifically, university history plays a great role in promoting new campus cultural construction in three aspects which are enlightenment education, historical and cultural heritage, as well as cohesion of motivation. The author believes that university history is indispensable part of new campus culture, and at the same time, it is the foundation of development in new campus cultural construction. Without supporting of university history, the new campus culture will lose its soul, nourishment, and characteristics, and it will become water without a source, or a tree without roots, never talked about.ChapterⅤanalyzes the function of the five basic path of school history in the construction of the new campus culture.From ChapterⅣof this article, we know cultural resources which school history contains include specifically educational enlightenment, heritage and transplantation of historical cultural, the function of gathering and inspiring in the construction of the new campus culture. Then, university-related departments should enhance service awareness and expand the content and methods of services to adapt to the need of the construction in the new campus culture and the development of teaching and research management, meanwhile fully tapping the information of school history, actively providing effective services. In addition, we actively look for the point of integration between the construction of the new campus culture and the school history work, consciously absorb the school history work into the construction of new campus culture, establish a concept of school history cultural construction and develop the school history information to be better educational resources in the new campus culture construction.Through a large number of field research and experience of working for many years in the construction of new campus culture and school history, the author summarized the five different kinds of roles which school history plays in the construction of the new campus culture combining with Analysis of relevant cases and practice. The five paths are:the first one is to build history museum, organize various exhibitions and build the demonstration projects of the school situation and history which is going to build a school history park as the main content;the second one is the school history and school notes research project which is to rich variety of research and provide more information of school history in multi-channel manners; the third one is the education project of school history and school situation which makes universal education of school history, educational activities of school history curriculum, practice of school history to be the main content; the fourth one is the solicitation project of school history and school situation which collects other physical data including photos, certificates, trophies reflecting school history,student’study and teacher’work;the fifth one is refining the cultural elements of school history, carrying out the construction projects of the University visual identity system. Through the five paths it fully realizes the function of school history in the construction of the new campus culture including educating people, hesitating history and inspiring; it futures comprehensive record,display and transmission of culture, also promotes the construction of new campus culture forward. It builds school history cultural corridor of the new campus in all directions and creates a variety of performance of distinctive campus culture. Building the spiritual home of the new campus, so school history makes greater cultural heritage contribution between the old and new campuses and it will provide reference at the present stage of the new campus cultural development at the same time.Chapter VI carries on summary to the Article.The author views that the combination of the history of university and cultural construction of campus will open a new field for studying the history of university, especially the combination of school history and cultural construction of new campus. Those schools that have a long history may have much more history materials; what’s more, the accumulation of sprit and culture is more profound. So we should have a deep dig and refining of the schools’teaching ideas and thoughts, explore the core functions of the teaching and study style in the school tradition, spiritual, cultural, institutional and environmental aspects and school characteristics and their blend of role and social functions. Meanwhile, we should imply these to the construction of new campus culture. Just as an old saying goes "study from the history, we can show high ideas", by doing so, today’s campus culture and school history will pass the torch.This paper is based on the combination of the school case studies and the overall Research, research and experience of specific schools, Theory and practice. The research will begin along with putting up questions-Analysis-solve the problem. The article will absorb and refer corresponding achievements from others by collecting, reading and studying related literatures. Taking the function and realization of the school history in the construction of school culture as the unique perspective, by analyzing the problems exiting in the construction of new campus culture, the article will point out that the school history plays an important role in the construction of new campus culture, and then systematically discussed the path to achieve the functions of school history in the construction of campus culture. Specific successful cases will be provided for each path in order to make the five paths more theoretically significant and operational, thus making positive significance to the construction of campus culture for each new school.

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