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Near-field Heat Transfer of SiC-Vacuum Multi-layered Structures

Author: ZhangYuPeng
Tutor: JiangYongYuan
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: fluctuational electrodynamics near-field radiative heat transfer multi-layered structures surface wave nanostructures
CLC: O484.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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With the vigorous development of nanotechnology and optical technology, weexpect to step into the All-optics Age. While photon chips replace electronic chips,thermal effect produced by the large-scale integration of photonic devices is one of thefocus problems concerned by researchers. Study on the near-field thermal radiation ofmulti-layered structures, which is one of the commonly used structures of opticaldevices, is very important.In this thesis, combining fluctuational electrodynamics and Green’s function as thetheoretical foundation, we have emphatically analyzed the change law of density ofstates, heat transfer coefficient, power radiated by multi-layered structures (SiC-vacuum) and absorbed by the particle in the near-field. It is researched the effects whichdetection distance, a multi-layered structure parameters, such as dielectric layerthickness of a multi-layered structure and refractive index makes to the near-fieldthermal radiation.At surface waves resonant frequency, the change law of density of states, heattransfer coefficient, absorbed power by the particle for multi-layered structures and asemi-infinite sample of SiC, and contribution of different polarizations in the near-fieldand far-field have been contrasted. It is revealed the enhancement of surface wavescoupling within multi-layered structures, when SiC layer thickness, vacuum layerthickness and gap distance are similar. Compared a special multi-layered structure witha semi-infinite sample, heat transfer coefficient was obviously enhanced.The origins of two peaks of absorbed power by the particle and the effects ofmulti-layered structures on the absorbed power by the particle have been analyzed. Dueto its internal surface waves coupling, the particle absorbed more strongly in the strongabsorption frequency. Compared with absorbed power of the semi-infinite, specialmulti-layered structure’s absorbed power was substantial enhanced.

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