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Ionic Liquid/Alcohol/Salt Binary Aqueous Two-phase System Separate/Enrichment Semi Synthetic Antibiotics

Author: LiWenJuan
Tutor: GuanWeiSheng
School: Chang'an University
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Ionic liquid aqueous two-phase system Small molecule organic solvent two-phasesystem Semi synthetic antibiotics Separate/enrichment
CLC: O658.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Ion liquid aqueous two-phase system and small molecular organic solvent aqueoustwo-phase system as a new separation system, and more attention by scholars at present, thewidely applied in the field of green chemistry research. These two systems are not toxicsolvents are used, and the extraction condition is mild, at room temperature can also; Theextraction selectivity of material is more, can not only extract polar material, also can extractnonpolar substances, because of its mild extraction conditions, no longer cause theinactivation extraction substance, therefore in the biological activity material and applicationof natural products have demonstrated their superiority. But the high cost and small molecularorganic solvent, ionic liquid volatile weakness so that it is difficult to large-scale applicationin the enterprise. In order to solve the high cost and small molecular organic solvent, ionicliquid volatile shortcomings, this topic is established binary ionic liquid/alcohol-salt aqueoustwo-phase system, and applied to semi synthetic antibiotic residues in food and environmentalseparation/enrichment. For half a synthetic antibiotic residues analysis, test research providesa new experimental basis and new progress.This paper discusses the application of [Bmim]BF4/propyl alcohol-(NH42SO4doublewater phase system separation, the distribution regularity of doxycycline and application[Bmim]Cl/propyl alcohol-K2HPO4bipolar system separation, the distribution rule ofazithromycin. This paper studies the kinds and concentrations of salt, ionic liquidconcentration, alcohol consumption, antibiotic concentration, temperature and pH influenceon target half synthetic antibiotic distribution behavior. In optimal conditions, the extractionrate of up to94.38%of doxycycline and azithromycin extraction rate can reach89.32%.This article [Bmim]BF4/normal propyl alcohol-(NH42SO4double water phase systemwith high performance liquid chromatography separation/enrichment of environmentalsamples and his ring element of residual, to and under the best conditions, the method used todetermine the xi ’an moat, wild goose pagoda fountain, milk and honey, the MTC of theresidue in the samples. Standard addition recovery rate at90.7%to97%, the method detection limit is0.05ug/mL. Choose this method are that it is environmentally friendly reagent, theenvironment pollution-free,and simple operation, mild extraction conditions, so its applicationprospect is very good.

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