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Design, Syntheses and Magnetic Properties of Complexes Based on New Radicals-3d or 4f Metal Ions and the Study of New Single-molecule Magnets

Author: ZhouNa
Tutor: LiaoDaiZheng
School: Nankai University
Course: Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords: SMMs Nitroxides Rare earth metals Transition metal Magnetic
CLC: O641.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Synthesis of single-molecule magnets (SMMs) and single-chain magnets (SCMs) in molecular-based materials chemistry and solid state physics field of chemistry has aroused great interest, since D. Gatteschi research group reported the first case based on the nitroxide radical single-chain magnets, based on the single-molecule magnets and single-chain magnets synthesis of nitroxides also attracted widespread attention. The papers around NITPhOEt and NITPhOCH2Ph ??two non-functionalized nitroxide radical design and synthesis of 24 have not been reported 2p-4f and four 2p-3d complexes. Resolve their crystal structure and elemental analysis, characterization and properties of means of infrared spectroscopy, electron spectroscopy, ESR spectroscopy, magnetic susceptibility of the complexes. Wherein the complexes [Tb (hfac) 3 (NITPhOEt) 2] (1) having a the SMMs behavior, is the first single metal spin SMMs based nitroxides and rare earth metal ions. The Radical-Lu (III) this thesis was synthesized two the Radical-Gd (III)-radical ferromagnetic complexes was, in order to deal with these more accurate of three spin Feng.Magnetostructural having multiple interactions relationship, we introduce isomorphic Radical-Gd (III)-Radical complexes and thus a more accurate determination of the interaction between the radical between interactions and GD (III) with a radical, and with the structure of previously reported that similar complexes magnetic data for comparison. In the 28 complexes, the complexes [Ce (hfac) 3 (NITPhOEt)] n (3), Pr (hfac) 3 (NITPhOEt)] n (4) one-dimensional chain structure, complex [( Cu (hfac) 2) 3 (NITPhOEt) 2] (25) for the trinuclear five spin structure of other complexes are Radical-Ln (III)-Radical zero-dimensional structure of the complexes. Study included complex magnetic rare earth ions, it is necessary to consider the crystal field, the spin - orbit coupling, but also consider the magnetic interaction between the paramagnetic ion is reported in this paper 2p-4f complexes, containing both rare earth metal ions and paramagnetic nitroxide radicals, we adopt the the O'connor approximation theory model to fit the magnetic susceptibility of these complexes, most of the complexes have been reasonable results. In addition, to explore the impact of different types of free radicals structures of complexes, the papers NITPyOMe nitroxide radical synthesis of three different structures of the 2p-3d complexes. Test their magnetic susceptibility, and to study the magnetic constitutive relations. The SMMs reported in this paper expands the research field of single-molecule magnet based on nitroxides, O'connor approximate theoretical model successfully applied to the paper, again confirmed the theoretical model in the rare earth containing crystal field the applicability of ion complexes, thus promoting the development of the rare-earth magnetic material.

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