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Study on Formulation and Processing Technology of Veggie Meat-like Patty

Author: ZhaoZhiWei
Tutor: ChenJie
School: Jiangnan University
Course: Of Food Science
Keywords: veggie meat-like patty textured soy protein soy protein isolate processingtechnic
CLC: TS972.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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There are many vegetarians in our country. But the vegetarian food products for thispopulation cannot meet the needs of the market. In order to meet vegetarian’s need and fill upmarket vacancy, study regarded vegetable proteins as main material and vegetable oil as thereplacement of mammal fat and then added ingredient such as modified starch. Furthermore,rehydration, mixing, forming and cooking made the product without mammal material andwith the same texture and sense compared to the meat product.First of all, the major raw material was firstly screened. Dried beancurd sticks, stemedgluten, and textured soybean protein was used as material to make the veggie meat-like patties.Textured soybean protein was finally selected as the major raw material of veggie meat-likepatties in view of the comparison of product texture and sensory quality. Optimization ofprocess technology of veggie meat-like patty was made. The effect of rehydrating temperatureand time in the TSP rehydration process on properties of TSP and products was studied. Theresults showed that the increase of rehydrating temperature and time was contributed toreduction of beany flavor. However, they caused decrease of hardness, springiness andchewiness and the same cohesiveness. According to sensory evaluation, optimum technologyof TSP rehydration: rehydrating temperature of40℃and rehydrating time of30min.Then the other raw materials of veggie meat-like patty were screened and research byexperiment of single factor to obtain its effect on the product quality. The effect of thequantity of the water, oil, soy protein isolate, modified starch (potato, waxy corn, and cassavamodified starch), hydrophilic gel (xanthan gum, konjac gum, and carrageenan), and wheatgluten powder on the product TPA, sense and water holding capacity was studied, respectively.The result demonstrated that the adding content of the water can significantly affect the TPA,sense and water holding capacity of products with the best adding of20%. The adding of oilcan significantly increase the cohesiveness of products with the best adding content of15%.At the same time, SPI can efficiently enhance the water and oil retaining capacity, and the besteffects result could be obtained when the5%of SPI was added. Among three modified starch,modified potato starch could best enhance the springiness and chewiness of products withbest adding of8%. Among three hydrophilic, konjac gum have best effect on the hardness andchewiness when1.5%was added. Wheat gluten powder could significantly raise the products’springiness, and optimized adding quantity was approximate5%.According to the results of single factor experiment above and reduction of additionrange of six ingredients, orthogonal experiment of ingredients was proceed by the sensoryscores as standard in order to get optimum product formula. The results showed that theoptimum formula contains23%water,17%oil,5%SPI,8%modified potato starch,1.5%konjac gum,6%wheat gluten powder.The effect of dry method, moisture method and emulsifying method of addition of SPIon texture, sense and water holding capacity were discussed. The results showed that SPIadded by emulsifying method was able to increase hardness, springiness, and chewiness anddecrease cooking loss and thawing loss. The emulsifying method improved sense score. The effect of steaming condition on texture and sense score and water hold capacity wasstudied. Steaming condition was contributed to the increase of hardiness, springiness,cohesiveness and chewiness and the decrease of thawing loss. However, when steaming timewas more than25min under100℃, hardness, springiness and chewiness decreased andthawing loss increased. The optimum condition was temperature of100℃and time of20min.The characteristics of veggie meat-like patty during frozen storage was studied. Theresults showed no difference among the samples during3months frozen storage. Thesamples were slightly changed, yet all within acceptable range, when freeze time is about sixmonths. The research indicated that the product quality could be retained under frozen storagefor six months.

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