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Breakthrough. Construction and Openness Under Male-dominated Discourse

Author: WangShuXia
Tutor: LiuZuo
School: Sichuan International Studies University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Male supremacy feminist consciousness sisterhood homosexual diary and epistolary writing style private writing style
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The outbreak of“May Fourth Movement”(1919) provided an opportunity for women writers to stand on the stage of history, hence many emerged during this period. Among these writers, Lu Yin presents a clear-cut feminist standpoint and aesthetic experience in her compositions. This article tries to explain the novels of Lu Yin through the angle of feminine literature, to explore the mentality of the emerging females throughout the New Culture Movement, to reveal the plight of them intending to build their egos as they fall into the trap of male chauvinism. The description of female love in Lu Yin’s books could be regarded as an attempt at anti-male sexism, meanwhile, she adopted female and personal narrative strategy in her writings. In a sense, the contents as well as the technique of expression are personalized in her works. Therefore, the in-depth analysis and study of her works could help us to truly understand the authentic female experiences concealed in the“May 4th Movement”background and to comprehend the rich meanings in the literature of that time. This article divides into 5 parts:Foreword: To briefly summarize the current research of Lu Yin’s works. The research in this article is based on the female perspective, and I’ll explain the meanings as well as the method in studying her writings.Chapter 1: Breakthrough in male-centered dialogues. Through reading, we could find that female characters in Lu Yin’s books already got rid of the empty significant from the historical and cultural language environment. They have awakened to female self-awareness, expecting to dispose of their definition under the traditional gender order. But on the way of self-identification, they get lost and fall into despair. In the context of“human emancipation”, Lu Yin profoundly insight into new forms of male oppression to women of the new era, she also presents the overthrow of the mainstream conversations in her books.Chapter2: The construction of a female Utopia. Choosing“Old friend on the beach”and“Lisa’s Diary”etc to explore the description of friendship between girls by Lu Yin, in order to avoid being hurt, they try to isolate themselves from the male dominating world. The description could also be considered as women trying to build up the subject consciousness of women and to find a way of self-salvation, it also provides women with a prospect of this self-salvation.Chapter3: The beginning of private-talk style writing. This chapter will discuss Lu Yin’s emphasizing the inner sense and self-experience to demonstrate the obvious private-talk writing style via the perspective of self-narration, sentimental language and developing the story through self-narration.Conclusion: During the“May 4th Movement”, women got the right to speak in public. One can easily find that the fiction creation of Lu Yin is filled with feminist consciousness, not only the superficial life of women but also the anxiety and split of their spirit are fully displayed in her works. At the same time, we could discover the tendency of individualized writing in Lu Yin’s books, one can even say she created the individualized writing style considering that her writing was under the early 20th century cultural and linguistic environment. Lu Yin joined the construction of modern female subjectivity by her writings, meanwhile she also enriched the whole literature world of the early twentieth century.This essay tries to study Lu Yin’s works through a brand new angle one the basis of existing researches, in order to let us understand the value and meanings of these works in modern and contemporary linguistic environment.

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