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Investigation of the Pelletization of Castanopsis Fissa Rehd.et Wils Sawdust Mixed with Oil Cake from Industrial Oil Plant

Author: ChaiZuo
Tutor: YuanXingZhong
School: Hunan University
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Biomass Mixing Pelletization Castanopsis fissa Rehd.et Wils Oil cake
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The traditional pelletization process possesses some shortcomings, such as highequipment wear, high energy consumption and low hardness of products. In theduration of pelletization process, the hardness of products is improved and pressurerequirement is reduced with the addition of some binder (or additive). Proteins andsugars that exist in the oil cake of industrial oil plants and humics that are containedin composting cakes are ideal binder that can provide with more Van der Waals forceand hydrogen bond during the pelletization. In the meantime, because of higherheating value(HHV) and low moisture adsorption, the materials discussed above canimprove the quality of pellet.Castanopsis fissa Rehd.et Wils sawdust mixed with Industrial oil cake were usedto make pellets by a piston-cylinder pellet making assembly installed in WDW-10universal testing equipment under the condition of temperature70-150℃, pressure69-124MPa, moisture content5-20wt%and oil cake ratio0-100wt%. The influencesof various factors on the pelletization process and the energy consumption wereinvestigated, and the optimal condition of pelletization of castanopsis fissa Rehd.etWil sawdust mixed with Industrial oil cake was determined. In this study, theproperties of pelletization, including energy consumptions, Meyer hardness, moistureadsorption, HHV and density were investigated. By the analysis of SEM for pellet, themixing pelletization mechanism of Castanopsis fissa Rehd.et Wils sawdust mixedwith Industrial oil cake was researched.Temperature and pressure were the key influences factors on pelletizationprocess. The consumption of the extrusion and compression energy rose with thepressure. With the increasing of the temperature, the compression energy consumptiondecreased and the extrusion energy consumption increased. The extrusion energyconsumption increased with the moisture content firstly and then decreased, Thecompression energy consumption decreased with increasing moisture content as thewater can promote the soften degree of the biomass.The Meyer hardness increased with the pressure. The increase of the temperaturecan promote the soften degree of the biomass, resulting in easier binding betweenparticles, increase the Meyer hardness, and decrease the moisture adsorption of thepellets. However, more energy was required when higher pressure and temperaturewas provided. In a certain rang, the moisture content is in favor of the particle binding. Higher and lower moisture content are not good for particle binding. For the pelletwith50%oil cake and mixed oil cake composting the best moisture content is10wt%.With increasing percentage of the oil cake and mixed oil cake composting the Meyerhardness increased firstly and then dropped, and the moisture adsorption of the pelletsreduced continuously. However, excessive amount of oil cake will adsorpt on the wall.The best amount of oil cake and mixed oil cake composting is20-50%.

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