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The Epidemiological Research of the Relationship between Dietary Nutrients Consumption and Blood Lipids in Residents of Zhejiang Province

Author: PanDongXia
Tutor: DingGangQiang
School: Ningbo University
Course: Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
Keywords: Dietary fatty acids Lipids ω-6/ω-3ratio
CLC: R151.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:This study was performed to understand the situation of dietary fatty acids and other nutrientsconsumption in residents of ZheJiang province and the distribution characteristic of dyslipidemia inadults. Cross-sectional survey, was used to explore the influencing factors of dietary fatty acidintake in residents, and the relationship between dyslipidemia and these factors, then screening outthe risk factors and protective factors of dyslipidemia. The study was significant to provide ascientific basis for reasonable diet in the residents of Zhejiang province.Methods:The method of24-hour dietary recall for3consecutive days and condiments weighing wereused to investigate the daily food and condiments (including eating out) consumption in therandomly selected subjects. Meanwhile, obtain the physical indicators examination such as height,weight, blood pressure, laboratory blood lipids, blood glucose, and general survey. Then calculatethe dietary fatty acid and other nutrients intake level, dyslipidemia rate of different regions anddifferent populations in Zhejiang Province; Logistic regression analysis was performed to analysethe possible affecting factors of dyslipidemia.Results:1. The results of prevalence study shows: the average of intake dietary fatty acid (FA) is85.68g/standard person-day in Zhejiang resident, the average of male is87.37g/standard person-day,female is83.82g/standard person-day; the average of intake Saturated fatty acids (SFA),Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) is21.10g/standardperson-day,36.88g/standard person-day and24.21g/standard person-day respectively. Theaverage of intake ω-3series polyunsaturated fatty acids is3.84g/standard person-day, the averageof intake ω-6series polyunsaturated fatty acids is19.95g/standard person-day, the average ratio ofω-6/ω-3is5.49:1, the average ratio of FA: MUFA:PUFA is1:1.7:1.2. The energy provided by fatacount for40.71%of total energy, the energy provided by carbohydrates acount for44.61%oftotal energy.2. The distribution characteristic of Dyslipidemia: the ratio of adult dyslipidemia in urbanresidents of Zhejiang Province is32.35%(standardized rate is29.53%), the ratio in men was higher than in women. Mixed hyperlipidemia prevalence rate is14.31%(standardized rate is12.11%), TG hyperlipidemia prevalence is17.12%(standardized rate is16.66%), TChyperlipidemia prevalence is6.78%(standardized rate is4.97%), TC, TG, LDL-C hyperlipidemiaand overall dyslipidemia situation shows an increasing trend with the age increasing, low HDL-Cviremia has the opposite effects.3. Dyslipidemia multivariate Logistic regression analysis results: gender (OR=0.643), ω-6/ω-3ratio (OR=0.496,0.522), smoking (OR=2.035), blood pressure (OR=4.288), blood glucose(OR=30.548), waist circumference (OR=1.398), physical activity (OR=2.035) have statisticalcorrelation with the occurrence of dyslipidemia.Conclusion:1. The level of Zhejiang residents’ dietary fatty acids ω-6/ω-3PUFA average ratio is in therange of recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society, but the SFA: MUFA: PUFA ratio is outof balances, it is related to the excessive intake of MUFA. Energy from fat is far beyond therecommended minimum value, but energy from carbohydrates is too low.2. The adults dyslipidemia rate of cities in Zhejiang Province is still at a high level, crudeprevalence is32.35%(standardized rate is29.53%), traditional TG hyperlipidemia is the main type,hyperlipidemia showed an increasing trend with age increaing, but low HDL-C viremia has theopposite effects.3. Smoking, drinking, blood pressure, blood glucose, waist circumference, the ratio of ω-6/ω-3greater than6.73are risk factors to dyslipidemia, active physical activity (OR=0.479) is theprotective factor for dyslipidemia.

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