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On Acute Obstructive Pancreatitis Rat Pancreatic Cell Apoptosis Mechanism Experimental Study

Author: YanLiPing
Tutor: LinZhong
School: Guilin Medical College,
Course: Internal Medicine
Keywords: acute obstructive pancreatitis rat apoptosis octreotide Ulinastatin
CLC: R576
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:To observe the effect of acute obstructivepancreatitis rat pancreas cell apoptosis and the law of occurrence ofendocrine changes as well as rats in Ulinastatin, Sandostatin after theintervention, the rat pancreas cell apoptosis and the law of occurrence ofendocrine changes.Methods:1with bile duct ligation methods toestablish the rat model of AOP obstruction for8hours8, obstruction for12hours4,8~12hours after release the slipknot, the obstruction of thebile duct flow, the control group of10anesthetized after open, turning thestomach and duodenum after abdominal closure. Anesthesia recoveryafter free water intake was observed after72hours, blood detection ofinsulin and glucagon and serum amylase levels; and pancreatic tissue,using the method of TUNEL and Real-Time-PCR Bax detection ofpancreatic cells apoptosis.2Ulinastatin, octreotide combined withmedication on acute obstructive pancreatitis rat pancreatic cell apoptosisin experimental study of intervention, will use the biliary and pancreaticduct ligation method to establish the rat model of AOP dividedinto1Ulinastatin preconditioning group II of Sandostatin inpreconditioning group and ulinastatin+Sandostatin combinedpretreatment group the obstruction pancreatitis controls, establishment ofa rat model after24hours, blood detection of insulin and glucagon andserum amylase levels; and pancreatic tissue, using the method of TUNELand Real-Time-PCR Bax detection of pancreatic cellsapoptosis.Results:1by bile duct ligation method to establish the model of AOP rats, AOP rats in the8h, at12h serum amylase for (1198+687) U/Land (1698+1103) U/L, insulin (8.1+5.8) ng/ml and (12.7+6.9) ng/mland glucagon levels (6.8+4.6) ng/ml and (7.3+2.9) ng/ml; wassignificantly higher than that in sham operation control group (404+222)U/L (5.6+2.7) ng/ml and (2.6+2.1) ng/ml (P <0.05), pancreatictissue in exocrine part of acinar cells and endocrine islet cells are part ofapoptosis,8h,12h apoptosis rate were (20.5+11.2)%and (15.5+8.9)%,significantly higher than that of sham operation control group (4.2+1.6)%(P <0.05).2Ulinastatin, octreotide combined with medication onacute obstructive pancreatitis rat pancreatic cell apoptosis in experimentalstudy of intervention, ulinastatin, Sandostatin in rats after intervention,ulinastatin preconditioning group, Sandostatin pretreatment group,ulinastatin and octreotide combined with pretreatment group of detectionindex respectively for: blood amylase (681.8+98.2) U/L,(806.4+129.1)U/L,(613.5+201.6) U/L; insulin (6.8+1.1) ng/ml,(7.2+2.1) ng/ml,(6.6+1.2) ng/ml; glucagon (4.8+1.3) U/L,(5+1.5) U/L,(4.6+1.6) U/L, obstructive pancreatitis were lower than control group (bloodamylase979.6+216.2U/L,8.6+1.8ng/ml insulin, glucagon,7.6+1.2U/L), and the serum amylase, pancreatic glucagon change have theremarkable significance (P <0.05). Ulinastatin preconditioning group,Sandostatin pretreatment group, ulinastatin and octreotide combined withpretreatment group Real-Time-PCR Bax (1.8+0.3)(2.1+0.6)(1.9+0.6)was significantly lower than the control group in obstructive pancreatitis(3.4+0.8)(P <0.05); TUNEL method was employed to detect theUkrainian division Ulinastatin preconditioning group, Sandostatinpretreatment group, ulinastatin and octreotide combined with pretreatment group of pancreatic tissue in the exocrine portion of acinarcells and endocrine islet cell apoptosis rate part (+,+,+-) wassignificantly lower than the control group in obstructive pancreatitis (+++)(P <0.05).Conclusion:1acute obstructive pancreatitis pancreatitismodel group of8hours and12hours of time, the apoptosis rate wassignificantly higher than that of sham operation control group, the ratsserum amylase, insulin and glucagon test in8hours,12hours of time,were significantly higher than that of sham operation control group.2Ulinastatin, octreotide combined with medication on acute obstructivepancreatitis rat pancreatic cell apoptosis in experimental study ofintervention of octreotide reduces glucagon, and ulinastatin andoctreotide combined with group can reduce theamylase and pancreaticglucagon.2of ulinastatin and octreotide can reduce apoptosis related geneCaspase-3expression levels, and the remission of pancreatic endocrineand exocrine of apoptosis rate, with the role of group is obvious.

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