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The Effect of Melatonin on the cTnT and Ca2+-ATPase of OSAHS Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Cardiac Muscular Tissue

Author: LingYueFu
Tutor: LeiXun
School: Guilin Medical College,
Course: Surgery
Keywords: melatonin chronic intermittent hypoxia cTnT Ca2+-ATPase OSAHS
CLC: R766
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective: To investigate the expression change of melatonin(melatonin, MLT) on cardiac troponin T(cTnT) and Ca2+-ATPase of thechronic intermittent hypoxia cardiac muscular tissues of SD rats, and tostudy the protective functions of MLT in the atmospheric pressureexpecting to find a good way to guide the prevention and treatment of thebody from the damages caused by obstructive sleep apnea-hypopneasyndrome (OSAHS). And also it may be important to the development ofnew drugs.Methods: The245-week old male SD rats were randomly dividedinto three groups by random number method: the control group, theexperimental group A and the experimental group B with8rats in eachgroup each group. Rats in the control group rats were mormally fed undernormobaric oxygen (NBO) and were dreached with normal saline solution(NS) by1mg/kg from8:00a.m. till10:00a.m., and then were sent to thedarkroom of NBO (the volume fraction of O2is0.21) from10:00a.m.till18:00p.m. everyday to fast;while rats in group A of the experimentwere dreached with melatonin (MLT) by1mg/kg from8:00a.m. till10:00a.m., and then were sent to the hypoxia darkroom (the volume fraction ofO2is fluctuates between0.08and0.21) from10:00a.m. till18:00p.m.everyday have a fast; and rats in the experimental group B were fedwith NS by1mg/kg from8:00a.m. till10:00a.m, and were then sent tothe hypoxia darkroom (the volume fraction of O2is fluctuates between0.08and0.21) from10:00a.m. till18:00p.m.everyday to have a fast. After8weeks, all rats in the three groups were anesthetized with10%chloralhydrate NBO, concentration of the cTnT capacity was dtermined by the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, Ca2+-ATPase activity byphotoelectric colorimetry, and the right ventricle of all the rats forpathological section.Results:①Compared with group A, the T(cTnT)capacity of groupB increase more significantly (P<0.05), the Ca2+-ATPase activity of groupB decrease more obviously (P<0.05). And the pathological section resultsfound the disappearance of individual myocardial cell nuclei, myocardialcells hypertrophy and a large amount of bleeding between myocardial.②Compared group A with the control group, the above indicators showed nomore obvious differences (P>0.05), but the pathological section resultsindicated that there existed myocardial texture and there was a smallamount of bleeding between myocardial cells.③The comparison of groupB with the control group found that the cTnT capacity of group B increasemore significantly (P<0.05) and the Ca2+-ATPase activity decrease moreobviously (P<0.05). And detected from pathological section found thedisapperance of the individual myocardial cell nuclei, myocardial cellhypertrophy, and a large amount of bleeding between myocardial muscles.Conclusion: Chronic intermittent hypoxia could damage SD rats’cardiac muscular tissues, while MLT can protect rats’ cardiac musculartissues from the injury caused by the chronic intermittent hypoxia ofOSAHS.

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