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Aesthetic interpretation China contemporary popular novels

Author: ShaoJianCheng
Tutor: LiXiJian
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Aesthetics
Keywords: The contemporary popular novels aesthetic The aestheticinterpretation
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The novel as an important part of literature, the refined and popular debate in the history of Chinese literature is always an important topic. After the Song Dynasty, popular novel has actually become the main form of novel, but had no role in the pattern of literature. Development so far, the popular novel in promoting the mass media has become the most important form of literature, has attracted a lot of attention, but it is always not put in good taste. Literature although many experts, scholars from multiple perspectives, multi-level in-depth study, but the overall cultural, literary environment, it still can not become the mainstream direction of literature camp, to varying degrees by theoretical criticism. Chongya objected vulgarity has become a cultural psychology. However, for the present life in under the pressure of the public, popular fiction is a spirit of good medicine, ease their nerves, enrich their life, broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge. Faced with this situation, if still keep the traditional prejudice against popular novels, they can not adapt to the new requirements of the development of literature, culture and people. In view of this, this paper will be based on the popular novel in the contemporary development, multi-angle, multi-level research on the popular novels, intended to clarify the multiple potential value and its aesthetic legitimacy; interpretation, demonstrated in the contemporary cultural, literary environment aesthetics characteristics.Contemporary and aesthetic around the popular novels, the author in this paper will be divided into four parts, the first part--Introduction (including the research value and significance; research status; domestic and foreign research ideas, research methods and innovative points, etc.) of why thinking and carding degree of this topic and how this thesis made.The second part, mainly talk about two problems:how to define the popular novels and how to use the aesthetic view of popular fiction. But before that, there is a problem also logically has been solved, which is how the rheological and. Because each period have different degree of formality, therefore on the different periods of elegance and vulgarity, the conclusion of this paper is from the vulgar to elegant, elegant to vulgar, and then to have elegant vulgar, vulgar, implementation and integration, is the inevitable trend of the development of novel. On the one hand, the definition of popular fiction, from the social, spiritual and other perspective view of popular novels unique connotation, that because of the popular novels from the perspective of the different, can not form a universal popular novel concept. But overall, Mr. Fan Boqun from the popular literature in the1994do for popular literature concept background to creation, reading consumption, work, and other aspects of the definition of influence can be regarded as new period since the popular novels of the general programme, has a strong guiding role. On the other hand, about how to treat the "aesthetic perspective" and how to treat the aesthetic perspective of popular novels, this paper not only studied from the etymology of the connotation of "beauty", also cites several speech aesthetic way, that the so-called aesthetic perspective is a connotation, extension of semantic segment more broadly, various semantic whenever relates to daily life "beauty" appears, as long as it is related to the true, the good and the beautiful, and in this sense of beauty, will provide the aesthetic perspective. Show the aesthetic perspective diversified colors. After that, this paper also discusses the four stages after the popular novel development in different stages and the characteristics of the stage, since focuses on the new period, the rapid development of popular novels presents in the shadow of the ultra-Left trend of thought, has extremely prosperous event within a short time, and simple examples of important during this period, the writer and his works.Analysis of the aesthetic characteristics of the third part of contemporary popular fiction, is the core content of this article, this will be discussed which is divided into two sections. In the first section "subject-object aesthetic", not only the detailed analysis of the creation subject mentality in creation and its should follow in the process of creating their own correct creation ideal; also be concise and to the point of the subject in the face of popular fiction work when the aesthetic taste, the psychological change of beauty of perception and the aesthetic value. In the basic aesthetic characteristics of "section second" popular novels, this article from the main aesthetic characteristics of popular fiction and entertainment, as well as the popular fiction, the language of these three aspects, citing specific text makes a lot of demonstration and review, highlighting the aesthetic characteristics of the popular novel, to some extent. As the popular novels of Bo and status, influence.The fourth part, mainly discusses two questions:one is the evaluation of popular fiction; one is to judge the future development trend of popular novels according to the evaluation done. In the evaluation of the popular novels, adhering to the principle of dialectical, objective, not only on the aesthetic characteristics of popular fiction in the development process to be praised, but also see the shortcomings in the development process. Future development trend in the popular novels, the author puts forward some opinions and suggestions:one is the development of popular novels, must exclude "pulp fiction","pulp fiction" interference; two is the popular novels have created and evaluate their own standards; three is the popular fiction as a process to try to improve the quality of the works in the wound. Learn from and draw on the other’s advantages and strengths, into an inexhaustible motive force for its development. At this point, the content of this paper discussed has come to an end, the final contribution to space limited to popular novels of useful information, rapid development of popular novels contribute.

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