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The Study about "Miao" of Chinese Classical Aesthetics Category

Author: GuoMin
Tutor: LiangXiaoPing
School: Shanxi Normal University
Course: Literature and Art
Keywords: Miao Category Origin Logic development Aesthetic
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Miao” is one of the most important aesthetic categories whichwith obvious Chinese characteristics.“Miao”, with its richconnotation and deep implication is always standing in the keyposition in the historical course of classical Chinese aesthetics.The historical position of “Miao” category cannot be replaced andbe shaken. In this paper, I will set “Miao” as the keyword, and insiston the history and logic, diachronic and synchronicity, and themethod of combining theory and practice. Meanwhile, the origin andthe travel progress of “Miao” is the research object, the paper willresorted to many knowledge such as the word origin, aesthetics,literature, philosophy, culture and other aspects of the knowledgeand the material. All those work just to find the development logicand the law of “Miao” in Chinese history and culture backgroundand could be better grasp Miao’s unique aesthetic connotation andaesthetic essence. So it can show the unique cultural spirit of theclassical Chinese aesthetics clearly.This paper attempts to probe Miao’s origin into the two aspects.One is the lexicology,and another is philosophical origin, which cannot only find out Miao’s unique value is distinguished from otherwords, but also be provided an entrance for refraction survivalwisdom of ancient Chinese. The paper will with the eyes of lexicology and be based on these respects, such as theinvestigation to Miao’s origin, meaning and its internal networksystem to explore further the definition of “Miao”. And it will askphilosophical connotation of “Miao” from the height of philosophy inorder to find philosophical connotations of “Miao” in philosophicalcontext of abstract in nature. Both of Taoism and Buddhism arestanding in their own places, and to link each of them together mayshow an interest drawing. These are forced given rich philosophicalsense to “Miao”.The analysis of Miao’s historical development stages thus farfew people are involved, and the meticulous grooming will be one ofthe highlights of the paper. This article attempts divided Miao’sdevelopment history into five stages to find Miao’s beautiful andvaried faces in the historical vicissitudes. From the Qin dynasty BCto the Western and Eastern Han dynasties,“Miao” is in an infantperiod.“Miao” still stays on the surface of the aesthetic level, and itis the Miao’s Eve before it be turned to aesthetic category; Form theperiod of Wei-Jin to Southern-Northern dynasties,“Miao” waswidely used. To people characters’ tasting, literature and art,“Miao” fully shows its unique charm. And the paper were took "vividportraiture","wonderful to marvelous" and "move to better" thosethree important aesthetic propositions in exploring to reflect Miao’sbeautiful and bright light. Obviously, in the Wei-Jin dynasty,“Miao”is the self-conscious pursuit to people, and it had been became intothis an independent, mature aesthetic category; From the period ofTang to Song dynasty,“Miao” was been deepening.“Miao” is one thestandard to judging works is good or not in aesthetic appreciation and style location. And marvels of “Miao” became one of stableideas in the theory and art creation. It is worth noting that “Miao”has close relation with the aesthetic trend of the times. In the Tangperiod,“Miao” shows sunny and strong style.But the nearer to midtime of Tang, the clearer displays the blue color of “Miao”. When thepeople of Song were likely to appreciate “Yun”, so as to “Miao” isthinner than Yun. Time flies to Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties,“Miao” has the variations of "slang","odd" and "fun". In the field ofdrama aesthetics, the affection and vulgar of “Miao” shows slang’scharacteristic; In the field of novel criticism,“Miao” was good atstrange and new risks; In the field of poetry commentary,"fun" hadenriched the connotation of “Miao”. The view of which the study ofhistorical development stages is closely matched with the timeswill be an effective way that people could dig Miao’s diversity andrichness.“Miao” category is one of the core categories in classicalChinese aesthetics. Miao has great value and deep culturalinfluence on which fixed on the quality of the art and literature, anddrawn the outline of life, even linked the connection of the universe.To explore the "good" category of aesthetic quality to demonstratethe unique charm of Miao is paper’s new views.“Nature”,“reserved”,“harmony” and “emptiness” and other aspects of aestheticcharacteristics are centrally reflected the ancient Chinese havesome ideas to the life principle in the universe and discuss the“beauty” of life. In those graces, the spirit of aesthetics of “Miao”will give some enlightenment to modern human beings.

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