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Study on return repair armour, shedding, crisp powder ceramic relics glue painting

Author: XingHuiPing
Tutor: LiYuHu
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: Colored drawing Gold foil Flaking Chalking Restoration
CLC: K879.4
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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China has a long history of civilization. At the early period of Neolithic age, colored drawing has appeared which contains culture, customs, religion belief and other rich information of all periods of human development in science and technology. Thus, it has become an important part of the ancient civilization, and is importance for studing ancient history, culture and art. However, due to the complexity of environmental changes through thousands of years, these colored drawing suffered a variety of diseases such as fading, flaking, chalking and contaminated, which lead to the immeasurable losses to archaeological research. So it needs scientific conservation urgently. At present, the research on these aspects is comparative few, and mainly concentrated on the restoration of murals cracking and abscission. System research on the restoration of colored drawing having be cracking and chalking has not been carried out. This paper focused on the restoration of flaking and chalking colored drawing on pottery and gold foil on stone relics.In Chapter1, the main disease of Chinese ancient colored drawing were introduced firstly, which includes fading, flaking, chalking and contaminated. The composition of colored drawing and the analytical technique were reviewed. The main factors, such as temperature, humidity, hamful gas and soluble salts which caused the colored drawing deteriorated were parsed. The types of flaked colored drawing, including mural, lacquer-painting, glue-painting and goil, waere introduced. At last, current research on restoring flaking and chalking colored drawing was reviewed.In Chapter2, the research idea of this paper was put forward according to the nature of flaking and chalking colored drawing:losing adhesion. The methods to research the restoration material of this paper were introuduced, including material chosing and applying.In chapter3, the system to estimate the properties of restoration material was established, including adhension test, flexbility test, chromatic aberration test and durability test. The method to identify the kind of binding material in colored drawing easily and fastly was put forward.In chapter4, the restoration of flacking colored drawing of Western Han Dynasty terra-cotta warriors was researched. First, scanning electron microscopy-energy spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy were applied to analysis the pigments of red, white, green and black color. The results show that the compositions of them are respectively cinnabar, white clay, mineral green and carbon black. At the same time, photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and elemental analysis were applied to analysis the binding material of the Western Han Dynasty terra-cotta warriors. The results show that it contains nitrogen element. So the binding material is animal glue.By testing adhesion and flexibility of samples prepared with ZB-F600water soluble fluoride, water-soluble epoxy resin B-63, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate, Paraloid B72respectively, the results show that the adhesion and flexibility of samples prepared with ZB-F600water soluble fluoride and water-soluble epoxy resin B-63were better in above materials, so the two materials was chosed as sticking material to restore flaking colored drawing. The adhesion and flexibility of samples prepared with different composition ratio of the two materials were tested. It was found that, when the mass ration of ZB-F600water soluble fluoride, water-soluble epoxy resin B-63, and water is25:3:72, the samples’ adhesion and flexibility were best. After UV aging, heat aging and ozone aging, the samples’ flexibility, adhesion and chromatic aberration prepared with the best ratio of above were tested, the results show that the performance of sticking material is durability and stability, it fits to stick the flaked colored drawing. The two materials mixed with the best ratio were applied to restore flaked Western Han Dynasty terra-cotta warriors collected in Xianyang Museum.The samples were made by ZB-F600water soluble fluorides, polyvinyl acetate, glue mixed with cinnabar, mineral green respectively. UV light, high heat, high humidity were applied to age the samples. Afer aging, the samples’ adhension was tested. The results show that the samples prepared with ZB-F600water soluble fluoride have better adhesion than those prepared with polyvinyl acetate and bone glue, In order to reinforce chalking painting, without changing the original color, the concentration of the strengthening agent was selected. The results show that0.4%-3%of water soluble fluoride can be used to restore chalking pigment.Chapter5is the research on the restoration of flaking gold foil on stone relics collected in a company of Xi’an. Through analysis of components in the gold foil of Buddha statue in the Northern Wei Dynasty, the mass concentration of gold is56.6%, and the thickness is about0.015-0.02mm.5%ZB-F600water soluble fluoride solution, polyvinyl acetate aqueous solution, polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution, and Paraloid B72acetone solution were used to stick gold foil to the white marble and test plates. After UV, heat and ozone aging for30days repectively, the samples’ flexibility and adhesion before and after the aging were tested, the results show that the samples prepared with water soluble fluoride had better adhesion stress and flexibility, and its durability was also the best. Thus, water soluble fluoride was chosen to restore flaked gold foil. The best mass concentration is3%-8%.5%ZB-F600water soluble fluoride was applied to restore the flaked gold foil of stony colored Buddha statue.In summary, the system to estimate the properties of materials to restore flaking and chalking colored drawing was established. According to the system, water soluble fluoride was chosed as the main restoration material. Through application in flaking and chalking colored drawing, the results are highly visible.

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