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The Construction of Migrant Workers Education Policy System of China

Author: XiaoQianLing
Tutor: LiuYiBing
School: Southwestern University
Course: Adult Education
Keywords: migrant workers education education policy migrant workerseducation policy system inclusive development concept
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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As a specific phenomenon of Chinese urban-rural economic and social structure, migrant workers exist with special meaning and value. During the35-years historical process of reform and opening-up, they contribute extraordinarily to the development of the economic society and become a strong power of harmonious society construction. Ilowever, the realistic condition is that they are facing multiple crises, such as survive, mentality and culture, due to the problems of system, tradition, and contrived stuff. They become marginalized groups between urban and rural places, hard to obtain equal opportunities for developing. Essentially, the construction of harmonious society requires analysis and solution to the problems of different social groups’ common development with the concept of inclusive development, advocates improvement of the realistic condition to facilitate their process of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. Therefore, we should strengthen education training to improve their adaptability and competitiveness and help them adapt to the new social area better and faster, besides the efforts to establish and perfect social security system of housing, medical and retirement. The education policy of migrant workers has a significant meaning of guidance to education practice of migrant workers with the aim of solving migrant workers education problems as regulation and criterion of coordination of internal and external education behavior of relationships. Based on all above, the research uses a variety of research methods as document research, investigation research, case research and comparative research to commence an in-depth systematic study of migrant workers education policy and attempts to construct a more perfect migrant workers education system.The paper has seven sections. Section One IntroductionPolicy is an important method for governments and its authorities to solve social problems. Currently, the huge gap between the developing demands for migrant workers and the city’s neglect to them causes and lurks many risks. These risks bring huge challenges for the construction of harmonious society. Education, working as cultivate people’s activities, provides great supports to solve such problems of migrant workers. However, the development of migrant workers education requires scientific and reasonable policy for guidance. The research on migrant workers education system can not only improve the scientificalness of the policy, but also enhance the effectiveness of policy practice. However, the current condition is that the research is not given enough attention, and it is quite necessary to broaden and deepen the research on migrant workers education policy system.Section Two Historical Observation of Migrant Workers Education Policy SystemWe can divide development process of migrant worker education policy system into five periods as follows:stages in germination, preliminary establishment and development, rapid development, emergency adjustment and new development. The general characteristics are as follows:orientation of market demand on supply, purpose of employment, core education of skill training, operation of market, display and confirm the right to be educated of migrant workers on value orientation, showing the care of benefits of migrant worker education and facilitating process of weak compensation for migrant workers. The effects are mainly shown as follows:the expansion and perfection of training with the emphases of instruction and professional skills, the steady progress of Three Major Projects based on joint government system, the gradually improvement of policy condition with the main focus on training institution, teachers and expenses, the significant progress of migrant worker education training with the purpose of employment and so on.Section Three Current Imperfection and its Reason of Migrant Workers Education Policy SystemThough the implementation of current migrant workers policy has resulted in certain positive effects, there is negative estimation of policy execution, evaluation and effects due to problems and implementation of purpose policy, expense policy, teacher policy and system policy in the policy system. Tracing to the source, policy is the result of policy-making subject activity and the activity is influenced by the policy idea. Problems of centralization in policy-making modem, conflict of policy value selection, endless fight for benefits between policy subjects and so on are caused by the lack of policy subject idea of democracy, development and share, leading to negative impacts on scientificity and effectiveness of policy system construction.Section Four Inclusive Development Concept:Theory View for Migrant Workers Education Policy System ConstructionWe can get the conclusion from analysis above that the real reason of imperfection of migrant workers education policy system is the lack of inclusive development concept in policy idea. Thus we need to use a new policy idea to instruct the construction of migrant workers education policy system. Inclusive development concept is a new concept to instruct social practice, advocating to facilitate social bond with providing equal developing opportunity and sharing results, and the concept has a significant meaning of instructing the construction of education policy system. Inclusive development concept not only has advantages for learning basic attribute of migrant workers education rationally, but also has advantages for establishing migrant workers education policy purpose scientifically leading to the change of behavior of policy-making subject. In this way, inclusive development concept will instruct the reform of migrant education policy system.Section Five The basicdimensions conception of Migrant Workers Education Policy System Construction Based on Inclusive Development ConceptTo ensure a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of migrant worker education, it is necessary to establish the value orientation of people orientated, fairness and justice and service for educating farmers, insist principles such as pursuing for practical effects, taking advance with the times, making overall plans and taking all factors into consideration, following the law of migrant workers development and their education development, ensuring the relative stability of migrant workers education policy, grab the four basic points of policy subject, policy object, policy resource and policy environment and ravel out relationships between each point, confirm the main content and status of purpose policy, expense policy, teacher resource policy and teacher policy, show the systematicness of education policy system, humanism and consistency of purpose policy, equality and sharing of condition policy and coordination and harmony of system policy.Section Six The Main Thought of Migrant Workers Education Policy System Construction Based on Inclusive Development Concept Migrant workers education policy system construction based on inclusive concept should be commenced bonding with the policy system status and grabbing main points of all policies for perfection. The design point of purpose policy is centralized in three levels and they are final education purpose, basic education purpose and specific education purpose; the design point of education expenses is focused on cost amortization, subsidy payment and auditing supervision; the design point of teacher resource policy is to solve problems of teacher training and managing; the design point of system policy is to solve problems of administrative control and operation regulation of education system.Section Seven Condition Ensurance of Migrant workers Education Policy System Practice Based on Inclusive Development ConceptGreat policy must be accompanied with great practice in order to reach the expected target. During the practical operation of migrant workers education policy system, it is necessary to help the migrant workers education policy subject and target groups to set up the inclusive development concept, improve the policy subjects’ abilities of decision-making, execution and evaluation, construct an inclusive policy practice organizational system, perfect the policy practice operation mechanism, and build an inclusive external policy environment to acquire powerful guarantee, achieving the long-term development of migrant workers education and migrant workers.

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