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Reasonable combination of science and art - China Science Education Program "science" and "focus" to explore the comparative study

Author: WangChao
Tutor: ShiXiaoZuo
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Radio and television Art
Keywords: Approaching Science Discovery Focusing science education artisticexpression comparison of Chinese and American science and education programs
CLC: G222
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The television science and education program is a kind of media made up of sounds and pictures,television as media carrier, science as content,and public education for purpose.Essentially, science and education program is an organic integration of science and educational content and artistic form, so it has the dual attribute of science and art. With the attributes of science and education, it has the function of science popularization, science communication, playing an important role in improving the public scientific literacy.It’s a part of the strategy of rejuvenating China through science and technology as well.With the attribute of art, it has to obey the creative rules of TV programs.For its dual attribute,science and education programs should combine content and form properly, then good effects will receive audiences’ admiration.During the development of Chinese science and education programs, the combination of science and art has always been one of the key points for program producers in the process of creation. If we only focus on science and education, neglecting the artist, the programs would be boring and empty; On the contrary, If we only pay attention to the artist ignoring the science and education, the programs would fail to meet the purpose of scientific education.At the early stage of science and education program’s development, the knowledge centered creative strategy in science and education films lasted. It was the beginning period of reform and opening up that the public had a strong thirst for knowledge; although the science and education program at that time was nothing but a picture showing classroom explanation and labor,the public who making access to TV for the first time,not having too much knowledge enjoyed it.However, as the rise of the network during the new century, the public have found more and more ways to reach the source of scientific knowledge.As a result, the demands for science and education program is getting higher and higher.In order to meet the market-oriented needs producers are trying to use more artistic methods to make it more fascinated.Besides proper combination of background music and commentary voice, it pays attention to the effect of telling stories as well. But simply pursuing TV ratings evaluation index has made it ignoring the science attribute during the fierce competition.Eventually,audience is getting fed up with the needless pursuit of novelty,eye stimulation and its specious interpretation of scientific knowledge.It happens that there is a similar case that some foreign television systems have encountered the same problem of audience rating.But these television systems treat with "Science and education program" and other programs differently,for Science and education program not only receives special funds but also sane evaluation system.However,the television system of organization of China is not able to meet with the same requirements right now.Regarding less of the television system of organization and Science and education program all over the world concerned,Discovery Channel of America have swept around the world,it’s charming to both science fans and explorers.Take Discovery Focusing for example,besides its huge scales of investments and producers,vast majority of the programs pay great attentions to the rational integration of science education in content and artistic expression in form,providing audience with not only accurate science knowledge and science procedure which helps promoting national public scientific literacy but also visual impacts which arouse audiences’spiritual pleasure and emotional resonance.Though not all the creative methods are appropriate for Chinese "Science and education programs",there is always something to be consulted.In consequence,taking Approaching Science and Discovery Focusing for example,this paper tries to do quantitative analysis in macro and content discussion in micro on the basis of proper comprehending of both programs.By comparison,we aim to find a way towards rational integration of science education in content and artistic expression in form.The concrete structure of the text are:Part one is the introduction to the title,showing the significance,the methods of the research and summarize of relevant references;Part two is the groundwork by presenting Chinese and American excellent science and education programs.And we select cases for researching from them;Part three is the research in science educational attributes by comparing Approaching Science with Discovery Focusing in differences of theme arrangement,program localization and contents.We try to find a better orientation for science and education TV programs in content;Part four is the research in artistic attributes by comparing comparing Approaching Science with Discovery Focusing in differences of narrative point of views,narrative techniques and narrative structures.We try to find a innovative way for science and education programs in form;Part five is conclusion of the research,giving suggestions to Chinese science and education programs’ blossom.All in all,the paper take Approaching Science and Discovery Focusing,Chinese and American excellent science and education TV programs,for objects of study.By comparison in science education in content and artistic expression in form and analysis in specific cases,we try to give some substantial suggestions to Chinese science and education programs’ blossom.

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