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The Research on Conscious Immersion

Author: WuRuoZuo
Tutor: ZhangJuCai
School: Hebei Normal
Course: Art
Keywords: Conscious Immersion Visual Centre Open-Space Mapping SensationBlurring
CLC: G222
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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When an audience reclines on the sofa, taking the remote in hand, browsing so manytelevision channels, he or she would finally choose a favorite channel to watch. Thenquestions rise up: What factor decides which channel that he or she would choose? Why doesthe audience choose not to watch the certain channels in an instant? They just caught aglimpse on them, then they abandoned them immediately, why’s that? On the contrary, somechannels were so lucky and bright, they did not only catch the audience’s attention, they madehim or her sink into their land.The purpose of this paper is to investigate on the above mentioned problem. UsingHebei TV Guide Channel as an example, stating the fact that the audiences reject the channelor not is decided by the diversity level of "Conscious Immersion", trying to find out how tobring out this conscious immersion, and to analyze series of the origin factors, theories andmethods. The process of immersion of the TV audience within the scope of awareness:awareness of stay-watch-immersed. In this process, the viewing time in extendedsequentially increase is also difficult to reach, extended viewing time, the collection alsoeasier viewing. Only by improving the audience into the possibility of immersion, theaudience is willing to stay, like to watch, consciously immersed the ratings be possible to rise.Hebei Program Guide poor viewing conditions, to improve the level of immersion is anecessary condition ratings jump. Further research to improve the Hebei degree of immersionshould refer to the watching rate awareness of audience Hebei TV Guide immersed degreesteps, summed up the character:"interpretation difficult, remove No, righting tonic: byreasoning, open, strengthen anti-consumer ended scattered" approach, in stages according toimmerse the reasonable interpretation difficult, with the formal means of open awareness ofaudience immersion cured No means to strengthen the use of the content on the audienceawareness immersed to righting, placement to prevent the audience awareness dissipated andthus to gain profit: Premise1: audience awareness is not superfluous element interference onthe basis of the study of flow theory in order to concentrate; premise: audience awarenessshould watch a purpose. Strengthen immersed three conditions: Condition: audience easy toknow in plain simple objects are not interested in, will be interested in things that provide a certain challenge; conditions: audience awareness in the balance of a mysterious and tangled;conditions: audience awareness should produce a consciousness, entertainment, service senseof ownership. Awareness of audience immersion method: from the visual form and content ofthe two aspects, enhanced false recognition impact on the audience, open and strengthen theawareness of the audience immersed. After discussing how to prevent the dissipation ofaudience awareness indirect earnings: An open immersion, so that the audience awarenessinto immersion should be with the visual center of gravity forces rely on the form of an opencomposition, combined with the identity element of stealth to reach the goal. First the pointof view of the visual center of gravity is proposed: the visual center of gravity in the screen orcontrol the purpose of audience awareness, which can attract audience awareness. In turnbased on the premise of the contrast visual weight of the10principles and established fourprinciples of the visual center of gravity position. According to the conditions, the visualpoint of view of the center of gravity should be avoided closed composition, and the use ofopen composition inclusive audience. Supplemented by the two methods of identifying theelements based on the premise of a theory of visual weight. Second, to strengthenawareness immersed key, immersed implied means: expansion of false consciousness,covered really. Consciousness is constituted by the will and understanding. Really falseknowledge, false identification cover really off the body born of false consciousness,immortal body off the heart. To make sense of the audience deeply immersed in the television,that is bound to draw away the false knowledge, blinded really made this really enough todeceive the audience will try to make television programs, heart want to jump, colored, shakethe dust, surface dust so far, parties make sense immersive. Therefore strengthen conditions,two, three in content to strengthen the immersive three methods: First, the use of fresh andunique positioning: first, unique free individuality, independence; is the use of a mysterioussense of the actual situation: To maintain and strengthen immersed, create real magic, verymysterious sense of the actual situation. Should be committed to provide a sun-like stimuli ina television program, TV programs to the audience awareness planted fog, we should try toguide the audience into it, confused, without knowing the depth of immersion state ofconsciousness, to abandon arbitrary significantly, there is no possibility of the subjectiveconclusion similar programs. To get the audience immersed longer, then they would let the audience while watching TV, consciousness has been confusing, there is always puzzlingabout true and false, to lead the audience into more chaos, In other words, the continuity ofsuspense, the half-truths unbroken, to make sense of the audience has been maintained in astate of flow. Third is to use continuous satisfaction: should always be considered from theaudience point of view, based on the audience’s awareness of mental design program contentto enhance and maintain audience awareness immersed audience as God, to meet all theneeds of God, so pleased and consciously superior. Reference to the two types of audiencepsychology: Happy satisfaction, utilitarian satisfaction. Prevent the dissipation of audienceawareness and, thus, the effect of advertising, a reasonable set of ads, try to persuade theaudience consciousness immersed in the ad, is a top priority of the study. Prevent a weakdegree of awareness of audience immersion method is faded logo. Further earnings method isthe use of product placement. But on the basis of the understanding of consciousnessimmersed placement, first of all to improve program content, do product placement, that is,first remove No righting tonic again, otherwise not conducive to the harm.

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