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Research about the New Generation Peasant-workers and Resolution

Author: XuXingLong
Tutor: LiuCan
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Political Economics
Keywords: The new generation of peasant-workers Dual economic structureAgricultural modernization Citizens
CLC: F323.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Peasant-workers is a product of the social and economic development in China, with Chinese characteristics. The history of peasant-workers is over30’years, with the workers time growing, coupled by the impact of socio-economic progress, the groups of peasant-workers has emerged differentiation, Professor Wang Chunguang first proposed the concept of the new generation of peasant-workers1, he called generation of peasant-workers born in the1980s, and began to go out to work in the mid-1990s is new generation of peasant-workers, corresponding to the older generation of peasant-workers, and then the attention of scholars in this part of the group and research began to increase. Compared to the new generation of peasant-workers and the older generation of peasant-workers, there have been many new features, performance (1) a higher level of education;(2) the lack of agricultural labor skills;(3) the degree of recognition of rural is low, and desire for city life;(4) lack of core technology, they have less hard-working than the older generation of peasant-workers;(5) focus on the spiritual life. These new features also, take the appropriate measures to solve the problem of peasant-workers,, according to the new changes, otherwise not truly reflect the needs of this part of the group.After the emergence of the concept of the new generation of peasant-workers, many scholars begin to discuss on the new generation of peasant-workers and the characteristic from different angles, and put forward policy recommendations to solve the problem of the new generation of peasant-workers. On the background of urbanization and industrialization, most scholars agree that the Citizenization is the best way to solve the problem, and do an in-depth discussion on the policy recommendations. However, according to the urban-rural dual economic structure theory, the process of dual economy come to a dual economy is the process of rural areas support urban development, and rural coordinated development of urban and rural areas, the urban-rural integration process. In this process, it will change the original rural social structure and population structure of rural If a large number of young laborers move to cities, and the development of rural areas will not get the support of labor resources and intellectual resources, resulting in a large number of rural land idle, the children left behind are not good family prominent education, the pension problems of living alone. Meanwhile, the low level of urbanization, the discrimination of the city dwellers, farmers of Health’s own capacity for integration of will restrict public process. According to the statistics, only about half of the people are willing to continue to work to stay in the city, and other plans to return home to business or employment. The author’s research found that the new generation of Peasant-workers within certain differentiation, depending on the capital and technology, they can be divided into three parts:(1)mastering capital and technology,(2)having technology without capital,(3)mastering neither technology nor capital, each type of group interest demands vary. Some them of the group want to do business, who have a certain amount of capital and technology, which gives us another idea to solve the problem of the new generation of peasant-workers:In order to solve the problem effectively of generation of migrant workers, government should try to attractive the new generation of peasant-workers return home to employment, entrepreneurship, and industrialization, agricultural modernization, small and medium-sized urbanization combined, which may be the effective solution to the problem of the new generation of peasant-workers. Specific policy measures:(1) The Government should develop a series of policies and measures to provide a better policy environment and employment, entrepreneurial environment for the new generation of peasant-workers return home business;(2) try to develop labor-intensive industries in order to provide jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities to the new generation of peasant-workers;(3) try best to develop modern agriculture, their employment and entrepreneurship and the development of modern agriculture characteristics should be combined to promote the new rural development;(4) the employment of migrant workers, start-ups and large-scale land Management combine to improve the efficiency of land use to guide migrant workers to small and medium-sized towns to live together, to promote the development of small towns, to promote the integration of urban and rural construction. The Jintang County’s experience has also proved that the new generation of peasant-workers groups internal differentiation, different policies and measures should be taken according to different needs, which can effectively solve their problem. Jintang County introduced various policy measures arising also shows the effects of policies can be implemented to the new generation of the solution of the problem of migrant workers is not a purely public, it needs to be combined with industrialization and urbanization, agricultural modernization, which is the real solution to the way out of the problem of the generation of peasant-workers.Research content is divided into three parts, the first part of the theory and literature review, introduced the basic content of the theory of the dual economy and its development, and to explore the theory guiding significance and shortcomings of China’s dual economy, and research for the article to find a breakthrough. Then do overview generation of migrant workers at home and abroad, including the reason for the shift of labor, and the definition of the new generation of Peasant-workers and their characteristics, and the solution of the way out of the generation of migrant workers. The second part of the study the generation of Peasant-workers, mainly including the definition of the new generation of Peasant-workers, characteristics, pay attention to the older generation of migrant workers compare, on the basis of analysis of the new features appear in the new generation of Peasant-workers, in order to accurately grasp the Cenozoic behavioral characteristics and interests of Peasant-workers demands, and to lay the foundation for later study. Labor Transfer Mode developed countries countries are compared, and summed up the successful experience for reference. The third part is a dual path to solve the problem of the generation of Peasant-workers, including a review of the public process of the new generation of Peasant-workers, members of the public of the status quo, and hinder the analysis of the status quo of China’s urbanization, the problems and the city’s new generation of migrant Engineering Citizens restrictions, and analysis of the new generation of the various constraints faced by the people of migrant workers in the context of urbanization, industrialization propose solutions to the problem of the generation of migrant workers on the basis of double path:citizens returning home business, development The new combination of rural and modem agriculture. Finally, explore the Jintang County, the new generation of Peasant-workers labor to their hometowns employment, successful entrepreneurial experience. Through the choice of dual path to resolved in a reasonable way out for the problem of generation of migrant workers, and the crack between the urban and rural dual economic structure, to achieve the dual economy to economic changes.Research methods, the paper focus on literature, by comparison with the existing studies, found that the deficiencies and gaps in research, and to provide new ideas for this paper. Comparative study, the new generation of Peasant-workers compared with the older generation of Peasant-workers, in order to highlight the new features of the new generation of Peasant-workers. Finally, through case analysis, analyze and summarize the experience of Jintang County, in order to enhance the persuasiveness of the paper.Innovation and deficiencies. The paper regard the new generation of Peasant-workers as one of the most important factors of production to crack the urban-rural dual economic structure, which based on the dual structure in urban and rural economy. However, because of the research information and data available is too general to lack of empirical research.

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