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Discuss on the Cultivation of Citizen Consciousness in Society Ruled by Law

Author: WeiZheng
Tutor: WangShengLi
School: Shaanxi University of Science and Technology
Course: The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords: citizens citizen consciousness society ruled by law
CLC: D621
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The generation of "citizen consciousness" is accompanied by "citizen", the specific historical conditions of modern consciousness. As a complex social consciousness, the objective of this particular social citizenship reflect, in essence, is the unity of the awareness of the rights and obligations of consciousness. Citizen consciousness mainly consists of four parts, the subjective consciousness of citizens, the rights and obligations of consciousness, the law of consciousness and the consciousness of participation.The citizen consciousness is the ideological cornerstone of the formation and development of civil society, but also the market economic system in China under the precondition of democratic politics.Citizen consciousness is mature or not has become the important measure of a country under the rule of law construction is good or bad.Because our country for a long time for the neglect and lack of democratic rule of law concept of commodity economy, the development of Chinese citizen consciousness has experienced a long and complicated process.China in the semi-colonial and semi-social, along with the collapse of the feudal system and the bud of the commodity economy, citizen consciousness as a state-of-the-art trends of thought into people’s vision, were advanced thinkers respected; enter the Republic of China, by the then ruling the policy implications of class, stagnant consciousness of our citizens; to the rise of the May Fourth Movement, advocating a new culture activities the citizen consciousness started to recover and a slow development of the state; after the reform and opening up, people abandoned the "commodity economy is a capitalist economy." error point of view, starting to focus on the development of the commodity economy, democracy and the rule of law has been strengthened, citizen consciousness has made significant progress. Although consciousness of our citizens have made great achievements, but still not consistent with the development of political and economic progress, the lack of citizen consciousness seriously affect the process of building our society based on the rule of law.Communist Party of China in the17th Congress report says "citizen consciousness education, and establish a socialist democracy and the rule of law, freedom and equality, the concept of fairness and justice." Comrade Hu Jintao held in201218report again stressed that we’ll try best to carry out the publicity, carry forward the spirit of rule of law, in the whole society within the scope of universal law, make people form strong sense of internal demand.Build socialism country under the rule of law, modernization of citizen consciousness is an important topic of the current our country is facing.This paper is divided into four parts:the first part is the introduction, start from the current background of citizen consciousness of the theoretical and practical significance. Learn from research at home and abroad on the basis of established ideas and methods of this paper, put forward their own original ideas. The second part of the citizens and citizen consciousness, concept and development of the society based on the rule of law,analyses the relationship between carding.The third part discusses the status of the current consciousness of our citizens, the inherent advantages of both traditional culture, but also there are inadequacies, and further analysis of the lack of consciousness of our citizens deeper reason, emphasized the feudal system, Confucian culture traditional peasant economy and education system is leading to congenital dysplasia of the awareness of our citizens, acquired deficiency of the biggest reasons. The fourth part on the basis of the previous analysis, the proposed strengthening of civic awareness is the only way to build a socialist country under the rule of law, from politics, economy, culture, education, civil society and other ways to nurture and promote civic awareness.This paper first explain the concept of consciousness of citizens,citizens,and the society ruled by law,reveal the internal connection of the citizen consciousness and the rule of law society,Objective evaluation of the status quo of the citizen consciousness in our country at present stage,Analysis of a variety of reasons affecting the development of citizen consciousness,Based on this, advances practical cultivation way, thus make the our country civil thoroughly get rid of the subject consciousness,and cultivate the modern citizen consciousness, meanwhile provide thought motive force for the society ruled by law.

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