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A Study of Advertising Appeals Based on Cultural Identity

Author: LiPengZuo
Tutor: ZhangMeiZhen
School: China University of Geosciences
Course: Communication
Keywords: Cultural Identity Advertising Appeal Strategy Research
CLC: F713.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In the market, the media, audience constantly intertwined and influence each other, the spread of advertising activity is not a purely already activities or marketing tools, and become a kind of social phenomenon. This article namely in wuhan real estate plane advertisement as the research sample, in the perspective of the cultural identity through content analysis and empirical analysis, changes in three types of advertising appeals dimension as the starting point, to explore the role of cultural identity theory in advertising appeal behavior, analyzes the role of cultural identity in advertising appeal strategy path and existing problems. Study found that cultural identity to experience to cultural deconstruction, symbols meaning extension path, to participate in the construction and achieve advertising appeal. And with the economic development of material abundance, in advertising by appeal to the audience emotional communication, brand identity and the process of requirements change, the participation degree of the cultural identity is higher and higher. At the same time, the appeal strategy to a certain extent, also caused the abuse of cultural identity symbol, and the aspirations of the opposite effect on consumer psychology.This article first chapter first of all, advertising appeal, cultural identity, defining the basic concepts such as real estate advertising and research status were reviewed. In the study of advertising appeals, strategy research, the effect research, comparison research become the academic focus. But in the study of cultural identity, community will focus has turned away from the general mass culture with modern media as the carrier of media culture, and focuses on television and other mass media in the national cultural identity building and the role of the communication process. Then to wuhan real estate advertisement as the research object, and in wuhan region’s largest newspaper, the wuhan evening news published the real estate AD sampling, to get the sample.To sample from the nature of the appeal, appeal the subject and leads to three dimensions for quantitative analysis of the content. After analysis found that:in terms of appeal nature, wuhan real estate advertising most of them adopt the combination of rational and emotional appeal advertisement appeal strategy, especially in today’s increasingly serious product homogeneity, through emotional identification of emotional appeal strategy become the advertisers more choice. In terms of appeal body, although acknowledge appeals in advertising as the main body of the appeal way than to brand recognition as the main body of the appeal. But choose brand identity demands mostly emphasized on quality of high-end projects and national well-known enterprise. It can keep the brand recognition is more abundant and extends out of a unique brand culture identity. In terms of demand orientation, almost all real estate advertising appeal comes from the demands of consumers, and refine. Basic needs including based on consumer appeal, including higher based on the needs of demands.After content analysis on real estate advertising appeal dimension, can clearly found that advertising appeal strategy not small change. This article third chapter from this change, discuss advertising appeal under the change of cultural identity. First appeal to change the essence of the advertising is:that the advent of the era of consumption lead to people for the demand from the nature of the value to\"meaning\" of change. The direct result of this change is that advertising started by symbol gives the value of the goods a consumer need and even way of life, and that nature is little not to participate in cultural identity. If out of consumer’s cultural identity, the status and value of the vacuum is gone. This chapter to excavate the cultural identity in the role of advertising appeals:cultural identity as the appeal to establish an emotional connection, creating a brand personality, and to provide a high level. Can say in advertising appeal, emotional appeal if derived from cultural identity, can accelerate the consumers from cognitive to the process of interest. If you pay attention to brand appeal, and make it find a spot in the cultural identity, can into a can long rooted in the consumers the brand personality of the heart.In the fourth chapter emphatically clear cultural identity in the role of advertising appeals path. First of all, is to the audience of the deconstruction of traditional social culture. Culture after deconstruction, prompting the audience values of cohesion and goods. Now has a long history of national culture as a raw material pool, have been dissolved, waiting for the advertising appeal extraction into cultural symbol. Need to pay attention to at the same time, the extraction needs based on market research and market segmentation. Secondly, it is the experience process of multiple levels of cultural symbol. Put various experience of consumers in the form of a symbol of expression, and then consumers borrow things have experience the reconstruction of the past, present and future of the world, and argued that advertising appeals. Again, it is through the symbolic value and culture in the process. Besides commodity value of the general meaning, still can make consumers unknowingly identity advertising build meaning, even change consumption habits and way of life. Especially under the impact of the globalization, foreign culture and native culture collision, through to the cross-cultural identity, cultivating consumers’ new way of life. At the end of this chapter, and stretched out a real estate advertising appeal, the intercultural elements impact on Chinese cultural identity.In this paper, the fifth chapter puts forward the cultural identity in advertising appeal three problems in use. One:the culture symbol of advertising appeals often form than the content, a complete "symbolic" trend. Second:the real estate in the advertising appeals tend to stress the artistic conceptions of a life interest or, make advertising appeal point too general and repeat. Third:too much stresses the cultural identity of advertising appeals, to exaggerate the product the day after tomorrow is given the value of the attribute.In short, culture is not just a result after advertisement fermentation, but as early as at the beginning of the building has been to the. Consumers as a social being, is based on a commodity needs to seek identity and value, and it is an emotional embodiment of particular cultural identity. As a form of cultural identity, participating in the construction and achieve advertising appeal. It from the home countries of national society collective culture of deconstruction, to refine cultural symbols, to the establishment of advertising appeals and expressions, cultural identity has completed to the role of advertising appeals path. In this path, advertising appeal does not seem to be any view of the world’s sermon, but it contains some of the strong spirit of change people orientation and the state of the components. Because in the advertising appeal of concerning about the needs of the people desire, the most intense, the most for a long time is still a collective, culture.

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