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Research and Development of EMP Pet Hair Protection Product

Author: PengHaiHang
Tutor: OuYangWuQing
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Cell Biology
Keywords: Extracts of maize plumule Hair follicles Oxidative damage Beauty hair
CLC: R151
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Objective: reasons for pet hair, selected extracts of maize plumule (Extracts of Maize Plunmule EMP) as the object of the present experimental study, through the establishment of oxidative damage of hair follicles in vivo and in vitro hair follicle ultraviolet (UVA) oxidative damage model validation EMP the protective effect of evaluation EMP protective effect of oxidative damage to the hair follicles, and on this basis to develop a new pet beauty of Mao Baojian products. Methods: (1) in vivo experiment: In this experiment, C57BL / 6 mice as experimental animals, 30 mice were randomly divided into five groups: blank control group, the UVA model group, the EMP low dose, EMP dose EMP high dose group, ig, and characterization of mouse hair follicles observed, the length of observation, tissue chemical observation, detection of apoptotic cells were investigated by means of EMP of the UVA induced hair follicle oxidative damage hair growth cycle. (2) in vitro: the hair follicle cells of C57BL / 6 mice were cultured in vitro, has six experimental groups: blank control group, the UVA model group, EMP low-dose group, the EMP middle dose group, EMP high dose group and positive drugs control group. DMEM as basal medium by enzymatic digestion of mouse hair follicle bulb cells were isolated and cultured; survival of UVA irradiation in vitro culture of mouse hair follicle cells was determined by MTT and morphological changes of the cells by phase contrast microscopy; SOD, GSH-Px activity and MDA content, and intracellular GSH / GSSG Ratio in ratios measured using biochemical methods. (3) beauty hair product preparation: the pre-trial and access to large amounts of literature, the use of orthogonal experimental design method, the proportion of screening the best formula, and prepared a direct compression method the pet beauty of Mao Baojian products containing the EMP. Results: (1) in the body of experimental results EMP gavage each dose group than UVA model mice back skin from pink to black in advance (P lt; 0.05), the skin black total time (P lt; 0.05), from the skin turns black to the hairy the time interval shortening (P lt; 0.05); histological findings with the naked eye, skin changes, but the end of the experiment, EMP gavage each dose group back newborn hair length of UVA compared to the model group, the difference was not significant; follicular apoptosis level in the organization, the EMP could significantly inhibit apoptosis in hair follicles (P lt; 0.01) compared with the model group of UVA. (2) the number of cells after the in vitro results by UVA irradiation damage reduction shape shrinkage, reduced ability of adherent cells, cells add EMP protection slight atrophy, cell morphology normal; EMP can significantly increase the UVA radiation fibroblasts. in the GSH / GSSG ratio (P lt; 0.01), as well as the activity of SOD and GSH-Px (P lt; 0.01), decreased MDA content (P lt; 0.01). (3) United States gross product preparation and quality evaluation of the results of orthogonal experimental design filter out the best ratio of EMP 1%, soy flour and seaweed powder ratio of 1:0.5, 5% sucrose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose ( CMC) 1.5%, 1.5% magnesium stearate, and the drying temperature of 35 ° C. Tablets obtained more stable to light and heat, but hygroscopic phenomenon, it should be dry to save. Conclusion: EMP protection experiments shows that the animal level and the cellular level of oxidative damage to the hair follicles, EMP can effectively maintain the hair growth cycle of hair follicles in oxidative damage to mouse hair to enter the growth phase, and can spontaneously re-entering after catagen telogen induce hair growth and extend the growth phase of the hair, and early in the growing season can accelerate hair growth in mice, but no effect on the final length of the hair; antioxidant injury of the hair follicle cells, can enhance antioxidant in oxidative damage to the hair follicle cells enzyme activity, maintain the integrity of cell morphology and function effectively suppress the occurrence of apoptosis. Related indicators, factors orthogonal test, using direct compression method prepared efficacy component EMP is a pet beauty of raw footage, the tablet has a neat appearance, palatability, convenient pet taking advantages, is expected to become The new generation of edible pet hair care products.

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