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Study of Cyclodextrin Host-Guest Interaction by Spectroscopic Methods

Author: YuHengDa
Tutor: GuoXuHong
School: East China University of Science and Technology
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: β-CD host-guest interaction fluorescence spectrometry rheology UV-Vis spectrometry
CLC: O636.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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In recent years, cyclodextrins (CDs) and their derivatives are widely used in the fields of food, drugs, environment protection and so on because of the excellent property of inclusion.In this thesis,β-CD and dansyl group substituted poly(acrylic acid) (PAAβ-CDen and PAADSen) were synthesized. The association constants between a variety of CDs and dansyl amide(DNSA) or PAADSen were determined by steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy. Polymer netwotks based on self-assembly of PAAβ-CDen and PAADSen were bulit and characterized by rheological and UV-Vis methods.(1)The synthesis of PAAβ-CDen can be divided into three steps. Firstly, monosulfonatedβ-cyclodextrin (β-CD-6-OTs) was obtained from the reaction bwtweenβ-CD and p-toluenesulfonyl chloride. Secondly, monoaminoβ-CD (β-CD-6-EDA) was obtained from the reaction betweenβ-CD-6-OTs and ethylenediamine. At last,β-CD-6-EDA was grafted onto PAA to get PAAβ-CDen. As for PAADSen, similar procedure was followed:firstly monoamino product of dansyl chloride was synthesiszed with dansyl chloride and ethylenediamine and then the monoamino product was grafted onto PAA to get PAADSen.(2) By steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy, the association constants betweenα-,β-, y-CD and DNSA or PAADSen were determined separately and the effects of ionic strength and polarity of solvent on association constant were studied separately. The results indicate that,α-CD can’t bind DNSA and PAADSen into its cavity,β-CD’s capacity of binding DNSA or PAADSen is stronger thanγ-CD’s; the introduction of PAA chain can reduce the binding capacity of cyclodextrins to dansyl groups grafted in PAA, this phenomenon is more obvious forβ-CD/PAADSen inclusion thanγ-CD/PAADSen inclusion; the association constant increase with the ionic strength increasing; the association constant decrease with decreasing polarity of solvent.(3) Rheological method was used to confirm the structure of networks formed by PAAp-CDen and PAADSen. The association constant between dansyl group andβ-CD group was determined by UV-Vis spectrometry method. The results show that, the viscosity of PAAP-CDen/PAADSen mixture is bigger than the single polymer. which accounts for the formation of polymer networks; the stoichiometric ratio ofβ-CDen and DSen is 1:1 because the maximum mixture viscosity occurs at this ratio; the association constant ofβ-CDen/DSen (K=27.5±3dm3·mol-1) is much smaller than that ofβ-CD/DNSA (K=103±5dm3·mol-1).

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