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Correlation Study of Autobiographical Memory and Self-Concept

Author: HuangXianWei
Tutor: HeChengSen
School: Anhui Medical University,
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: College students Autobiographical memory Ego concepts self-esteem
CLC: B842.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The Autobiographical Memory (with Autobiographical, AM) refers to the daily life spontaneously produce associated with ego experience in the process of information storage and puts forward to the past, is individual life events Memory. The earliest autobiographical memory studies were taken by Freud and Galton, they thought psychology should study about the memory of his own experiences. Galton studied the role of representation in memory through the memories of their own experience. Freud interpreted that the experience is the theme of individual psychological development for the treatment of neurosis, personal life, must understand, only through free association can arouse the patient’s related experience treating the neurosis presented in the form of experience and projection. Freud or Galton did not take autobiographical memory as a system for research. So far, there is still not an uniform definition about AM in psychological circles .Many psychologists gave about the autobiographical memory in understanding them. Johnson (1983,1985) thought as multi-channel memory module system (MEM, modular Multiple - entry with the system). The model shows that, the memory as a whole in mental evolution relatively independent of its by the Sensory feel (memory systems), perceived (Perceptual) memory systems and reflect (Reflective) with a combination of the memory system. Individual experience in the event information in different degree of all subsystem to coding, and these multiple coding degree and essence can lead to appear different types of the autobiographical memory. The research about autobiography memory for nearly 100 years long past, system research only decades short history. At present, the research has caused autobiography memory developmental psychologists and education psychologist’s extensive concern, especially relevant autobiography memory the occurrence and development of theory and the application of the rise of education research. Researchers from different angles on the occurrence and development of autobiography memory systematically discussed. Although researchers on many aspects of autobiography memory, but there is no agreement is basically the same for self development is to emphasize autobiography memory occurrence, development the important role.The concept of self understanding of cognitive psychology for individual view of the nature of the self, is the basic unit of individual psychological development. From personal objective self-concept autobiographical memory formation experienced from specifically vivid visual life events to its contents, emotional abstract thinking, forming a series of finishing to self knowledge results. Concept of self life events in personal development in the inspection, accept life events in the autobiographical memory formation process get fixed. Individual through the environment in the accumulation of simple life events and emergent important life event, the influence of the concept of individual self formation and stable. This kind of stability in the individual development concepts of self plays the role of a standard. Self-concept affects the coding, organization autobiography memory and extraction of self-concept, autobiography memory of the dynamic development support. The concept of self autobiography is of important significance in memory. Although the autobiographical memory occurrence, development of theory that self-concept development in the important role of autobiography memory, but less, and most empirical research studies have focused on cross-cultural comparison research. So this paper tries to explore the same cultural autobiographical memory and under the background of the development of the concept of self and the relationship between the two. By a questionnaire survey, who was trying to 720 questionnaire. All research is divided into three parts: the first part, prepare the autobiographical memory properties of the questionnaire, and to measure the autobiography of the memory; The second part, the subjects were measured the concept of self; The third part, inspects the autobiographical memory and affecting factors and relationship self-concept. Through the questionnaire data statistics and analysis, the results showed that:First: about sex, the singleton female fact experiential,domestic economic conditions,et.al (where the autobiographical memory, experience of the autobiographical memory including facts, social culture, family environment, parents’ identity and etc.), the concept of self to individual significant impact.Second: parents’ culture degree of difference of education methods about parents aspects of the autobiographical memory, a significant impact individual self-concept.Third: about academic achievements (the university entrance exam results) of individual self-concept autobiographical memory significant impact.

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