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Derp2 Epitope DNA Vaccine Inhibited Airway Inflammation and Up-regulated Toll-like Receptor 9 in Allergic Asthmatic Mouse Model

Author: YangQiuHong
Tutor: LiGuoPing
School: Luzhou Medical College
Course: Internal Medicine
Keywords: Derp2 DNA epitope vaccines TLR-9 Asthma Airway inflammation
CLC: R562.25
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Objective: In recent years specific immunotherapy is considered only to the current asthma is a result of the treatment, but the variable should be original crude extract ingredients complex, it is difficult to standardize and easily lead to the treatment of IgE-mediated allergic reactions restrictions the variable should be the original immersion in clinical use. Studies have reported that, for all coding house dust mite Derp2 of gene fragment DNA vaccine can inhibit the Derp2 induced allergic airway inflammation. The study also confirmed that the process of DNA vaccines to stimulate the immune system and Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and CpG motifs, especially through TLR-9 stimulation. This study investigated the the Derp2 DNA epitope vaccines that deleted the the IgE epitopes amino acid residues Derp2 DNA vaccine can inhibit the house dust the mites Derp2 induced mouse model of asthma, airway inflammation and TLR-9 expression and compared with of recombinant Derp2 DNA vaccine (rDerp2) provide a theoretical basis for the further development of new, effective and practical house dust mite vaccine. Method: build Derp2 DNA epitope vaccines using recombinant technology. BALB / c mice (8 weeks old, female, 20-25-g) are divided into 4 groups: asthma group, rDerp2, epitope vaccine group and control group. First, PBS, rDerp2, Derp2 DNA epitope vaccine in mice, and then use the reorganization Derp2 house dust mite allergen extract plus aluminum hydroxide sensitization, and finally with the reorganization Derp2 becomes allergen intranasally excited. In last challenge airway hyperresponsiveness determination. After that, all the mice were sacrificed. The cut lung general morphology and cell infiltration with HE staining assessment organizations, TLR-9 expression by western-blot (immunoblot) detection of lung tissue and immunohistochemical methods. Collected peripheral blood using the ELISA method Derp2 specific IgE, IgG1 and IgG2a0 groups with x ± s and one-way ANOVA with SPSS10.0 P lt; 0.05, significant difference. Results: (1) mice atomization inhalation gradually increasing doses of acetylcholine and collected Penh value, the Penh value with airway hyper-responsiveness was positively correlated. Showed that the control group Penh values ??or airway hyper-responsiveness sex is not the increase of acetyl choline concentration of occurrence of changes in asthma group Penh values ??than the epitope vaccine group, there are significant with difference (P lt; 0.01), that the performance of a high- airway reactivity, and rDerp2 group Penh value than high the epitope vaccine group Penh value. (2) the detection of lung histology asthma group epitope vaccine group and the epitope vaccine group can effectively inhibit the central bronchial alveolar and pulmonary perivascular inflammatory cells, inflammatory infiltration rDerp2 group is more serious than the epitope vaccine group . (3) The results of immunohistochemistry, TLR-9 expression in the airway and alveolar position. TLR-9 expression of the epitope vaccine group than the other three groups significantly increased immunoblotting results also confirmed this. (4) detected by ELISA the allergens Derp2 specific IgE, IgG1 and IgG2a levels. Epitope vaccine serum Derp2 specific IgE and IgG1 level was significantly lower compared with rDerp2 group and asthma group were significantly different (P lt; 0.01) epitope vaccine immune serum Derp2 specific IgG2a obvious increase, compared with the control group and the asthma group were significantly different (P lt; 0.01). Conclusion: Derp2 DNA epitope vaccine can induce offset of Th1 immune response, and inhibition of IgE production, it can increase the expression of allergic asthma mouse model in which the TLR-9. Our research for allergic asthma in the field of DNA vaccine development to provide new ideas and methods.

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