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Empirical Analysis on Residents Consumption Impact on Economic Development of China

Author: HanAiHua
Tutor: ChenSenLiang
School: Guizhou College of Finance and Economics
Course: Statistics
Keywords: Consumption rate Consumption structure Factor Analysis Economic growth
CLC: F126.1;F124
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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With continuously improve our residents' income and consumption level since the reform and opening up, people's consumption needs expand and become the main driving force for China's rapid economic growth, increasing consumer demand impact on the development of the national economy. However, since the 1990s, China's household consumption rate continued to decline, lack of consumer demand has always been troubled by the problem in China, especially in the international economic crisis triggered so that this problem is more acute and prominent. Although the government in stimulating the growth of the consumer to take a lot of macro-control measures, but the effect is not obvious. Empirical Analysis of China's household consumption and economic growth relationship, study how to solve the problem of insufficient consumer demand to expand domestic demand to become the focus of attention. In this paper, using quantitative analysis methods, and empirical analysis of the impact of consumption on economic growth of our residents, and based on the expansion of consumer policy recommendations. Firstly, an overview of current consumption situation of our residents, analysis of consumer status in stimulating economic growth, the rate of urban and rural residents, the contribution of consumption to economic growth and consumption of urban and rural residents on economic growth elasticity analysis. Which the consumption of urban residents and rural residents do comparative analysis. So as to arrive: the investment rate and the ratio of consumption to a serious imbalance in the rate of consumption of urban and rural residents continued to decline in recent years, especially in the rural consumption rate faster than the rate of consumption of urban residents fall faster. Regression analysis of urban and rural residents' consumption and economic growth can be seen to the consumer than investing more to boost economic growth, the contribution rate of economic growth is greater, pulling percent higher, the consumer is more smooth, economic fluctuations cycle . Increasingly sluggish consumer cases, how to improve the consumption of urban and rural residents, in particular, is to further expand the consumption of rural residents has important economic theory of value. Second, to talk about the relationship between economic growth from the point of view of the residents' consumption structure and consumption structure affects economic growth mechanism can be summarized as follows: the consumption structure affect the industrial structure, industrial structure makes a change in resource allocation rate occurred, thus affecting economic growth. Consumer demand structure determines the structure of the economic growth, the reasonable consumer demand structure for raising the level of economic growth to create the conditions, but also laid the foundation for economic growth. Eight species in the urban and rural residents' consumption expenditure structure and economic growth do correlation analysis, the Engel's coefficient of economic growth do regression, from the point of view of the consumer spending transverse structure factor analysis, the empirical analysis of the relationship between the structure and economic growth of consumer spending , resident consumption expenditure structure which is more oriented to economic development, which types of consumer use of the residents' consumption structure are the main factors affecting the economic growth rate of allocation of social resources to do the appropriate adjustments, so that affected the industry structural adjustment, thereby affecting economic growth. The paper concludes with policy recommendations to expand our consumer spur economic growth. Should strive to improve the income level of the residents; rationalize the distribution of incomes of Chinese residents, and to prevent the residents' income gap is too large; improve the social security system, changing consumer expectations. Implementation of a positive consumer policy, cultivate areas of high consumer demand, promote the upgrading of consumption structure, thus increasing consumer demand for economic growth, promote the sustainable development of China's economy. The theoretical significance of this study is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: build a mathematical model of household consumption as the core, the entire pull of the status of the national economy, especially for the study of China's consumer pull relationship between economic growth and improve the residents' consumption provide theoretical tools for expanding domestic demand; explore the reasons for the declining rate of China's consumer and analyzed to improve the ratio of consumption to provide scientifically valid theoretical basis; innovative research consumer empirical analysis of the theory, as China's economic development, comprehensive raising the level of development of theoretical basis and evaluation criteria; analysis of a number of contributions to China's consumer spending on economic growth as well as the contribution of the various sectors of the economy, the predictable effect of stimulating the industry to stimulate consumer spending, and thus targeted macro-control consumption patterns and suggestions; study economic benign growth, a major innovation performance: a quantitative analysis of the status quo and development trend of China's consumer demand, consumer demand for empirical analysis, empirical analysis of the growth of China's consumer economy impact; associated analysis method, the gray relational analysis of our consumer uses the structure of expenditures and economic growth; analysis of the relationship between the consumer uses the structure of expenditures and economic growth through domestic provinces consumer expenditure structure of the lateral, The analysis of influencing factors restricting China's consumer to seek ways to promote our consumer, to provide a reliable basis for the expansion of domestic demand. Finally, this study is not limited to the analysis of the level of problems, but also for how to solve the current consumer, mining practical problems in China's consumer expanding domestic demand, how to judge the reasonable consumer to enrich our consumer in stimulating domestic demand to promote the study of economic growth.

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