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Study of Treatment Technology and Purification Materials of Alkali - Surfactant - Polymer Flooding Produced Water

Author: AnZuo
Tutor: ZhangYuQing
School: Tianjin University
Course: Fermentation Engineering
Keywords: Oilfield produced water Polyacrylamide Flocculation Modified Media Inorganic coating
CLC: TE357.46
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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In the current, water resources and environmental protection are two important issues in the development of our country. The three yuan flooding oil produced water has a viscosity, a high degree of emulsification, the oil beads small particle size and other characteristics, the original process does not apply to the ternary flooding produced water treatment, so that large amounts of sewage efflux, resulting in the waste of water resources and the environment pollution. Therefore are of great significance for the development and utilization of water resources and environmental protection of of three yuan flooding technology to carry out the water treatment technology for ternary Flooding mining. Polyacrylamide (PAM) is stable, hydrophilic, viscosity, enhance the colloidal stability in water, is not conducive to the removal of oil droplets and suspended solids, resulting in the original treatment process ternary flooding produced water dosages, long processing time, poor water quality. Characteristics of polyacrylamide polymer with negatively charged, the paper uses electro-coagulation - chemical flocculation combined pretreatment the three yuan flooding produced water. And heating precipitated diatomite modified inorganic coating, preparing a positively charged filter, this filter produced water after pretreatment fine filter to further remove the polyacrylamide in water and suspended solids . In this thesis polyacrylamide removal efficiency indicators of electro-coagulation - chemical Flocculatio flocculation analyze related technical parameters and influencing factors. Composite flocculation optimum conditions are as follows: adjusting the initial pH of 7, the current density 49.57A / m 2 , the electrode distance 1.2cm plus polyaluminum chloride of dosage 446.40mg / L NaCl add The amount of 150mg / L, the electrolytic time of 2.5h. This thesis to heating the precipitated inorganic cladding diatomite modified to improve its specific surface area and isoelectric point. Modified Media static adsorption experiments of polyacrylamide modified filter Preferably, a 1mol / L Aluminium from AlCl 3 for the modifier, and the reaction pH 9 conditions modified filtered The best adsorption properties of the material for polyacrylamide, modified after the specific surface area of ??106.79 m 2 / g, the isoelectric point to 9.8, polyacrylamide removal rate reached 86.78%. Modified filter surface roughness improved modified filter media were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, surface coated with alumina and diatomite between the formation of Si-O-Al bond . Modification mechanism of the inorganic coating to the modifier by dehydration condensation with diatomite surface silanols, the coated surface of the base body.

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