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Vision of governance of public welfare undertakings Separating Management Reform

Author: JiangKaiYuan
Tutor: HuangJianRong
School: Nanjing University
Course: Public Administration
Keywords: Public Governance Utility Separating Management Institutions Institutional innovation
CLC: D630
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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February 28, 2008, the Second Plenary Session of the Communist Party Congress passed the \reform, innovation institutional mechanisms and institutions to promote the development of public welfare the important content. In recent years, some regions of China in the welfare reforms in the separation of management from operation, active exploration, and accumulated some experience. However, due to theoretical and practical circles isolated on the tube do not clear connotation, resulting in separation of management from operation in some places the practice evolved into a mere means of reform, the reform will inevitably deviate from the goals and objectives. This article attempts to separate management from operation as a system innovation, theoretical vision of public governance and administrative system reform practice, discusses the separation of management from operation of welfare reform philosophy and objectives, and then put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions. The main part of this paper, a total of seven chapters. The first chapter discusses some of the practical value of this research and theoretical significance, defining the public welfare, the basic concepts and institutions to review existing welfare at home and abroad are reviewed tube affaires related research results, this paper introduces research ideas, methods and possible innovations and shortcomings. The second chapter focuses investigate discrimination connotation government running for the first time raised from the level of institutional innovation separation of management from operation aims to promote the development of public welfare, public service to meet the needs of the public, and its essence is to re-adjust and allocate the existing powers and interests pattern, to change the traditional one yuan governance as diverse public governance, revealing separation of management from operation and management from internal consistency, isolation and political affairs office to clarify the tube separate things separate corporate relations and discussed from both internal and external factors that separate management from operation Necessity. Chapter three describes the meaning of public governance theory, characteristics, indicate the substance of public governance is to build a government and society, market coordination and cooperation relations and achieve maximize the public interest, and to respond to the public good fit tube affaires of the purposes and target. Chapter four separate management from operation of welfare reform initiatives in eight kinds of typical practical considerations, organized by subject, the degree of separation and comparative analysis of three types of governance of its different modes, to determine the development of three types of orientation, and examine the effectiveness of the reform shortcomings, from values, institutional arrangements and governance mechanisms-depth analysis of three levels cause of the problem. CHAPTER primarily use extraterritorial public hospital reform as a starting point to study the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, welfare reform, separation of management from operation of specific initiatives, comparative analysis of the similarities and differences between their model to explore the right to promote the separation of management from operation of welfare reform experience and reference. Chapter VI discusses the development of public welfare in promoting this fundamental concept, through a clear government position, increase financial input and strengthen supervision and management, to build public service diverse supply situation, to achieve the government, society, market interaction checks governance that goal. Chapter VII of the current separation of management from operation of public utilities reform of the outstanding issues raised by strengthening external governance and sound internal governance two areas to promote the reform measures proposed to promote good governance and institutions, and to strengthen top-level clarity design, after the first pilot pushed to guide the operation of community involvement strategy. With the new global public management movement's emergence, Chinese administrative reform is moving from the traditional model of public administration towards a new era of public management. The main findings is that: first, the development of public welfare of the Government alone traditional governance is difficult to achieve results, we must fully rely on the government, market, pluralistic society forces, the implementation of cooperative interaction checks and balances of governance in order to promote the healthy development of public welfare ; Second, public service reform, separation of management from operation, it is necessary to change both the system level and do tube, the tube do regardless of the existing pattern, completely get rid of the competent department of public welfare benefits tied to a substantive breakthrough; Third , public service reform, separation of management from operation, you must establish the correct concept and objectives, taking external governance and internal governance reform, two aspects of the strategy, in order to actively and steadily push forward. Innovation of this paper is: First, for the first time separation of management from operation-depth study into the institutional level. Both concerned with the separation of management from operation over the welfare reform practice different patterns, with greater attention to the overall context of deepening administrative reform, a comprehensive and systematic discrimination substance of separation of management from operation, to clarify its goals and objectives. Second, public governance perspective on the separation of management from operation, the value of this highly practical and theoretical significance to study the problem, pointing out that public governance theory and practice of separation of management from operation of the fit and made crack pipe affaires of welfare reform which a practical problem of innovation ideas and countermeasures. Third, to compare the research method, the separation of management from operation Concepts, theoretical discussion, the domestic Practice Experience with extraterritorial conduct in-depth research, made a constructive and positive results. Optimizing public resources, promote public welfare development, to meet public demand for services is welfare reform separation of management from operation ought requirements. Deepening administrative reform, building service-oriented government, protect and improve the livelihood of the macro backdrop, the government alone is difficult to achieve results single governance, public governance theory requires the government and institutions of the administrative relationship into a contractual relationship, promotion of government, society, market interaction and co-operation of governance, to achieve maximize the public interest. Separation of management from operation of welfare reform is a reform and innovation of institutional innovation, this hope through the above discussion, to better guide and promote the separation of management from operation of welfare reform work, strengthen institutions of inherent vitality and impetus to the development, the formation of public service diversified supply situation, to meet the public multi-level, diversified public service needs.

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