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Study on Tang Friendship poems

Author: LiMaoMao
Tutor: ZhangXueZhong
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords: The prosperous time of Tang dynasty Friendship Poems artistic characteristics value contribution
CLC: I207.22
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Tang is the history of the golden age of Chinese poetry, accompanied by the rise and development of poetry, to poetry as a medium of literary and creative activities also will be making friends flourished. Emperor Kaiyuan, Tianbao years, a high degree of prosperity and social development of the Tang Dynasty and the era of highly artistic atmosphere, emerged with Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Wei, Meng Haoran, Gao Shi and Cen Shen, Zhang Jiuling, Wang Changling, Chu GuangXi, Li Qi, Cui Hao as the representative of a large number of poets, they are congenial, generous and singing of poetry friends, friends through verse, to create a lot of love words, full of artistic features and value of Friendship poetry, for the Chinese poetry in the history of Friendship drawing on the literature re-ink a strong color.Paper is divided into five parts:Part I:Friendship Poetry and the development of the concept of traceabilityThe language of poetry is an ancient form of human to lyrical, Tech’s earliest literary style. Since the birth of poetry and human activities, and since it is closely related to communication. Spring and Autumn Period of historical records has poeticizing tradition of scholar-officials in the diplomatic occasions princes often requires an argument "Book of Songs" in the poem to answer the question, the early poetry as a unique mode of discourse in the country’s political life and foreign scholars in Communication plays an important role. Confucius’s "poetry can" concept is the function of poetic elaboration of social interaction and stress, "group" concept in the development and expansion of Friendship Poems are the inherent driving force towards prosperity.Part II:the development of Tang Poetry Friendship and the reasons for ProsperityTang, "who take the poem" The imperial examination system to promote the prosperity of poetry and poetry feature the expansion of exchanges. To the Tang Dynasty, poetry complete the development of maturity period, poetry has become a popular literary style, penetrated into every aspect of scholars living and communication. In the Tang era wave of heroic self-confidence under the influence of poets generally positive with the world, seeking official position Jiangong path, Gan Ye, roaming in vogue a while, also contribute greatly to the prosperity of the Tang poems Friendship and the diversity of forms.Part III:the main content of Tang Poetry FriendshipFriendship poem appearred with the result of poets’communication,and it is closely related to their activities,and mainly divided into three parts:GANYE, roaming, and Frontier.and the three major Forums of activities:the political center of the capital, local official of seclusion, side curtain Jiangong stuffed.you can make Tang poetry into three parts,friendship poetry about GANYE and YINGZHI, expressing the feelings about the musical landscape and the thought of the roaming reclusive life, describing the absolutely beautiful scene and the frontier life and feast of the battle fields, as well as the poems between the three, reflecting the sincere friendship of the farewellPartⅣ:the main forms of Tang poetry and art intercourse FeaturesFriendship Poems Tang rich, diverse forms, is the artistic features of Chinese poetry in the history of great works of literature, and later paid and the occasional face identical for very different. Friendship poem poetry by the popular genre of the ancient Tang Dynasty poems Friendship both near the body, Seven Poems, Seven quatrains-Tang Friendship is the most characteristic genre of poetry forms and spread easily into the music; and informal gifts sent in time and space constraints Tang Poetry Friendship Poetry is the main form; reflect the true feelings of his friends Friendship poems Friendship poems Tang’s most ideological value and artistic characteristics of the Psalms. Tang poems Friendship poems to a variety of forms and styles, highlighting the style lifted, inclusive and build the Tang Dynasty style.PartⅤ:the value of contribution to the Tang Dynasty poems FriendshipFriendship Poems Tang contains rich social content, it is a true record of the poet’s life and emotional experience of intercourse, objectively reflect the historical background of the Tang Dynasty and social landscape, the poet is the life experience and reliable research literature. It is a reflection of the overall development of the style of Tang Dynasty poetry and the poet’s universal values, while promoting the Tang Dynasty poetry and the formation of brewing schools. Sing in frequent intercourse also contributed to the improvement of the poet and poet poetry style of art creation and development.

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