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Study on Preparation, Characterization and Pressure-Sensitive Properties of Silica-Sol/Polyacrylate Composite Latexes

Author: LiuYuLing
Tutor: ZuoXiongWei
School: Hebei University of Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: Sol Emulsion Polymerization Polyacrylate Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Particle size and its distribution Adhesive properties
CLC: TQ436.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Polyacrylate pressure-sensitive due to the low cost, pollution, synthesis conditions are easy to control, good weather resistance, and good adhesion to other materials have advantages, they have been widely used in pressure-sensitive adhesive. But such adhesives since its inception there are the integrated adhesive properties is less than ideal, slow water and coating drying speed disadvantage by the introduction of inorganic nanoparticles to improve the polyacrylate emulsion polyacrylate emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive fluid pressure-sensitive adhesive performance. Organic to inorganic nano-particles can be uniformly dispersed in a polyacrylate matrix, in situ emulsion polymerization, often use the surface treatment agent on the nanoparticles, to form a polymer-coated nanoparticles having a core - shell structure Composite latex particles, which not only increases the complexity of the process, and improper selection of the surface treatment agent will affect the stability of the emulsion, the effective utilization of the monomer decreases. However, the silica sol is not need to add a surface treatment can be synthesized composite latex particles having a core - shell structure. This study nano aqueous silica sol (silica sol) acrylate monomer as the raw material, together with a suitable emulsifier, initiator, chain transfer agents and an acrylic monomer, a pre-emulsified, semi-continuous emulsion dropwise polymerization prepared by sol / polyacrylate composite structure emulsion. System silicasol particle size, content, shell acrylate monomer as well as shell monomer composition of the sol / polyacrylate hybrid emulsion structure and pressure-sensitive performance. With laser particle size analyzer, transmission electron microscopy, morphology characterization of its size and its distribution of the latex particles; Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis examines the pressure-sensitive milk polymer glass transition temperature and modulus variation; characterization The gel content of the polymer, and calculate the entanglement molecular weight of the polymer. The results show that with the increase in the MMA monomer content of the polymer shell, the gel content of the polymer is reduced, the entanglement molecular weight affects the peel strength of the polymer. Studies show that when the introduction of a smaller amount of silica sol will be able to improve the pressure-sensitive adhesive properties of the varistor properties of the polymeric emulsion, mainly inspected. With the increase of the shell monomer, tack and peel strength increases, to hold tack first decreases and then increases. Shell MMA monomer content increased, the decrease in initial tack, peel strength first increases and then decreases, hold tack dramatically improve.

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