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Genesis of Permo-Carboniferous Coal-formed Gas and Its Difference from Jurassic

Author: MaGuoZheng
Tutor: JinQiang
School: China University of Petroleum
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: Coal gas Igneous Carboniferous - Permian Jurassic Thermal simulation Light hydrocarbons
CLC: P618.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Carboniferous - Permian coal measures are widely developed coal, carbonaceous shale, gray mudstone, but its main hydrocarbon rock unclear, igneous rock of coal into gas and carbon isotopic composition of hydrocarbons whether it will affect and influence how to be explored, Carboniferous - Permian and Jurassic coal-derived gas no better method of identifying other issues, this study used a low maturity coal, carbonaceous shale, mudstone and gray igneous for different thermal simulation experiment, proposed major raw coal hydrocarbon rock identification indicator to determine the Linqing depression and major depression Pa County hydrocarbon rock, explores the different igneous rock composed of light hydrocarbons in coal gas and carbon isotope implications raised Carboniferous - Permian Jurassic coal-derived gas identification method. Through coal, carbonaceous shale, gray mudstone thermal simulation analysis of gaseous hydrocarbons produced that Linqing Depression Coal and gray mudstone light hydrocarbon clear differences between the carbonaceous mudstone with light hydrocarbon composition similar characteristics. Ko Ko four wells light hydrocarbon gas composition and coal is most similar to some of the characteristics and similar carbonaceous mudstone, which considered Linqing Depression Carboniferous - Permian coal-bearing rock is the main gas coal, followed by carbonaceous mudstone; tyrants County lacustrine mudstones depression carbonaceous mudstone with light hydrocarbon components are clearly different, with some light hydrocarbon, coal similar characteristics. By contrast with the natural gas that tyrants County Depression Carboniferous - Permian coal measures of the major coal and rock angry lacustrine mudstones. Coal and basalt, diorite, lamprophyre, diabase simulation experiments show that igneous rock composed of coal into gas impact, and make chain alkanes, cycloalkanes light hydrocarbon parameters change significantly, such as CC5/MCC5, nC5 / (2-MC5 3MC5), heptane value, paraffin index; by diorite, lamprophyre impact GUBEI ancient a light hydrocarbon gas wells parameters change, the Soviet Union four parameters of light hydrocarbon gas wells did not change significantly. Basalt, diorite, lamprophyre the coal into gas significantly heavier carbon isotopes, lamprophyre greatest impact, make ethane, propane heavier carbon isotopes were 1.1 ‰, 2.1 ‰, the diorite impact, followed by basalt minimal impact. Carboniferous - Permian and Jurassic coal thermal simulation experiments show that both light hydrocarbon composition of coal gas in a certain temperature ranges exist in significant differences, for example, 550 ℃ before fangzi group nC7/MCC6 greater than 3.3, Taiyuan is less than 3.3, the high temperature phase (gt; 500 ℃), benzene / n-heptane greater than 40, fangzi group less than 40, etc., and by the composition of the light hydrocarbon parameters and C7 triangular plates can better distinguish between the two plates coal gas, and that gas wells GUBEI an ancient Carboniferous - Permian coal gas, and a certain amount of Jurassic coal gas mixed.

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