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  1. Study on the Oxidation and Spontaneous Combustion Characteristics of Jurassic Coal in Northern Shaanxi,WangKai/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/57
  2. Distribution Law Research of Freezing Temperature Field in High Pressure Water Strata,ZhangZuo/Anhui University of Technology,0/7
  3. The Study on Improving Singele Well Production in Chang4+5Reservoir of the Xue26Area,WangHuaiGao/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  4. The Jurassic Sedimentary Systerm and Reservoir Formation Potential Research in Longdong Area,BaiZuo/Northwestern University,0/12
  5. Analysis on the Oil-source Correlations and the Migration and Accumulation Conditions of Middle-Upper Jurassic in Baijiahai Arch-Fubei Slope Area,PanHong/Yangtze University,0/76
  6. Research on Favorable Area Prediction and Deposition System Definition of Yanan Series in Jurassic System in South Jiyuan Slope Area,YuanJiaBao/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/0
  7. The Study on Shale Gas Reservoir of Jurassic in the Xidatan Area in the Northern Margin of Qaidam Basin,JiaoLongJin/Chang'an University,0/75
  8. Geology, Geochemistry and Metallogenesis of the Shangfang Tungsten Deposit in Jianou County,Northern Fujian Province, SE China,ChenRunSheng/China University of Geosciences,0/130
  9. Research on Jurassic Sedimentary and Tectonic Evolution of the East Sector of Northern Qaidam Basin,GuoShuai/China University of Petroleum Hua Dong.,0/39
  10. Study on the Characteristics and Metallogenic Types of Jurassic Granites of the Centre and Southern Sector of Daxinganling,YuYanQiu/Shijiazhuang University of Economics,0/46
  11. Analysis of characteristics of granite and mineralization characteristics of Jurassic Inner Mongolia Kunduz area,ZhangMinJie/Shijiazhuang University of Economics,0/4
  12. Triassic-Jurassic Volcanic Rocks in Western Liaoning:Implications for Lower Crustal Reworking and Lithospheric Destruction in the North Part of Eastern North China Craton,MaQiang/China University of Geosciences,0/28
  13. Geological Characteristics of Jurassic Granite in Songjiang Area, Heilongjiang, China Northeast,JieXiaoYing/Shijiazhuang University of Economics,0/3
  14. Study on Gas Geology Regularity of Huanglong Jurassic Coalfield,AnXiuZuo/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/128
  15. Study on the Characteristics of Temperature Field of Frozen Soil Wall in Cretaceous Formation,ChenFeiMin/Anhui University of Technology,0/73
  16. Research on Interaction between Freezing Wall and Shaft Lining of Jurassic Formation,DuSheng/Anhui University of Technology,0/126
  17. Technique Study to Improve Exploitation Effect in Long Dong "Double High" Jurassic Oil Field,ZuoXiaoHua/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/9
  18. The Prediction of Stratigraphic-lithologic Trap of Jurassic-cretaceous in Eastern Yakela Fault Arch,LiuHaiJuan/Northwestern University,0/55
  19. Research on Reservoir-Forming Rule of Jurassic Gas in Chengdu Depression,DengHong/Chengdu University of Technology,0/11
  20. The Evolution of the Ancient Lake and Tight Oil Reservoirs Formation of the Early and Middle Jurassic in the NE Part of Central Sichuan Basin,ZhangZuo/Chengdu University of Technology,0/52
  21. The Middle-Late Jurassic Reefs in Baqing County and Ando,Northern Tibet,LiMeng/Yangtze University,0/45
  22. A Study of Sequence Stratigraphy of the Middle-Upper Jurassic in the Middle of the Qiangtang Basin,Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,YinQing/Yangtze University,0/65
  23. Reservior Characteristics and Geological Model of P26-31Area in Panguliang,ZhaoHeSen/Chengdu University of Technology,0/66
  24. Relationship between Tectonic, Sedimentation Characteristics and Distribution of Gas Hydrate in Muli Coalfield of Qilian Mountain, China,PangShouJi/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),2/270
  25. Sedimentary Evolution of Jurassic Basin in Bangonghu-nujiang Suture,Gaize,HuangHui/Chengdu University of Technology,0/80
  26. The Research of the Jurassic-cretaceous Sedimentary Environment and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Che76Well Region of Xinjiang Oilfield,TanWenWen/Jilin University,0/81
  27. Accumulation Regularity of Lithology Reservoirs in Jurassic Baijiahai Area, Jungar Basin,KuangZuo/Yangtze University,1/410
  28. Study on the Regional Salt-and Potash-Forming in Jurassic Strata, Simao Basin,JiaoJian/Beijing,0/30
  29. Reseach of the Oringin of Salt Deposits and the Salt Forming Era in Jiangcheng Mengyejing,ZhengZhiJie/Nanjing University,1/80
  30. Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Southeast China Block,MengLiFeng/Zhejiang University,1/742
  31. The Distribution Characteristic and Difference of Sedimentary System of Jurassic in the Western Sichuan Foreland Basin,LiDeLi/Chengdu University of Technology,0/198
  32. The Analysis of Sequence Stratigraphy of Jurassic at the Northwest Edge in Junggar Basin,YaoGang/Xinjiang University,0/25
  33. Ostracod Boistratigraphy Near the J/K Boundary and the Boundary Discussions in Southern Junggar Basin,DengLiJun/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/100
  34. Study on Sedimentary Environment and Tectonic Settingin of Provenace in the Longshan Formation of Jurassic in West Kunlun of Gela,LiZhenXing/Chengdu University of Technology,0/7
  35. Study on the Exhumation Process from Late Jurassic of Mohe Basin,SunQiuShi/Jilin University,0/30
  36. Study on the Triassic-jurassic Tectonic Evolution of the Middle Great Xing’an Range,LiShiChao/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,1/367
  37. Regulation of Sedimentary Distribution and Sedimentary Filling Process during Middle and Lower Jurassic in Western and Northern Sichuan, China,QianLiJun/Chengdu University of Technology,0/64
  38. The Stratigraphic Sequences and Depositional Environments of the Haifanggou Formation in the Longhuitou Basin of Xingcheng City,ZhangDong/Jilin University,1/60
  39. U-Pb-Hf Isotopic Characteristics of the Jurassic Granitoids in the Jiaodong Area and Their Tectonic Significance,WangDong/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/158
  40. The Petrology and Petrogenetic Study of Late Jurassic Volcanic Rocks in TaiPuSiQi, Inner Mongolia,LinZuo/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/40
  41. Petrogenesis and Tectonic Significance of Early Jurassic Alkalic Pluton in Nyainrong Microcontinent, Central Tibet,LiuMin/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),3/134
  42. The Age and Tectonic Evolution of the Dongga Instrusive of Gangdese in North of Shigatse,TanChenCheng/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),1/44
  43. Sedimentary Environment of the Middle-lower Jurassic Lacustrine Carbonates in the NE Region of the Central Sichuan Basin,TangCong/Chengdu University of Technology,0/173
  44. Deformation-failure Mechanism and Prediction of the Landslides in Jurassic Red Beds in the Three Gorges Reservoir,ZuoHaiBo/China University of Geosciences,0/561
  45. Middle Jurassic Plants from Shaerhu Coal Field of Xinjiang,China,DongMan/Jilin University,0/44
  46. Re-study of the Early Jurassic Schitukhe Flora from South Primorye of Russia and Its Comparisons with Some Coeval Floras from China and Japan,Elena Salyukova(LianNa·SaLiuKeWa)/Jilin University,0/2
  47. The Quantitative Phylogenetic Analysis of Mamenchisaurus anyuensis,LiZhiGuang/Chengdu University of Technology,0/24
  48. Middle Jurassic Flora from Shiguai Basin, Inner Mongolia of China with New Material of Ginkgoales and Czekanowskiales,GeYuHui/Jilin University,0/80
  49. Research on Coal-forming Environment and Sequence Stratigraphy in Coal Measures Strata,BaiShengHai/Chengdu University of Technology,0/656
  50. Restoration of the Primary Ordos Basin in Yan’an Period of Jurassic,YangLei/Northwestern University,3/615

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