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Study on Reproductive Biology and Artificial Breeding of Xenopus Tropicalis

Author: ShenGuoZuo
Tutor: YuPengCheng
School: Nanchang University
Course: Zoology
Keywords: Tropical Xenopus Farmed Reproductive biology Gonadal development Embryonic development
CLC: S966.39
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Amphibian animal transition from aquatic to terrestrial species, occupies an important position in the study of biology, is the important species for the study of biological evolution. Model organisms tropical Xenopus because of its strong vitality, rapid growth, sexual maturation cycle is short, spawning capacity, in vitro fertilization, in vitro development of the whole process of embryonic development can be observed characteristics, developmental biology, molecular and cellular biology important object of study, in a foreign country are widely used in the study of embryonic development, functional genomics and human genetic diseases and animal disease models. The tropical Xenopus, mainly discusses the tropical Xenopus farmed their reproductive biology research: the first part of the artificial breeding of tropical Xenopus established tropical Xenopus tadpoles, the young toad to toad into two different types of artificial breeding facilities to determine the best farmed environment: water temperature of 22 to 28 ° C, PH value of 6.5 to 8.5, DO> 5.0 mg / L, the NH 4 -N <0.05mg / L, NO 2 -N <0.01mg / L, Cl - <3μg / L, the water hardness of 150 to 250 mg / L. The second part of the histological methods, paraffin section, HE staining, production slice of tropical Xenopus testis ovarian developmental stages, to explore the law of gonadal development. Experimental results show that: tropical Xenopus testicular development can be divided into five, respectively, of I, Phase II, Phase III, Section IV, Phase V. Ovarian development can be divided into six, of I oogonia proliferation of Part II of oocyte growth phase, Phase III oocyte growth transition period, Ⅳ oocyte vitellogenesis and the the oocyte yolk peppered period, Section V oocytes deviation of Section VI of postpartum ovarian. Changes in the monthly cycle of the ovary and testis coefficient: male and female gonads growth to 6 months of age before and after, almost simultaneously reach sexual maturity, the coefficient of testis and ovary coefficient reaches its maximum value, its fine (eggs) coefficient of body length and weight increases, linear equations were: male tropical Xenopus body length and testis coefficient equation: y = 6.57x 1.788, R2 = 0.9644; of male tropical Xenopus weight and testis coefficient of the equation: y = 32.674 x 0.9143, R2 = 0.9407; the female tropical Xenopus body length and ovarian coefficient equation: y = 0.091x 2.6516, R 2 = 0.9092; the female tropical Xenopus weight and ovarian coefficient equation: y = 0.5119x 4.5476, R 2 = 0.9083. The third part of a micro-camera method of tropical Xenopus embryonic development process, the results showed that: a water temperature of 26 ° C conditions, the embryonic development after 26 periods, which lasted approximately 56.89 ± 2.2h.

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