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Extraction, Isolation and Structural Characterization of Polysaccharides from Octopus

Author: WenSongSong
Tutor: ZhaoXia
School: Ocean University of China
Course: Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords: Octopus Polysaccharide Extract Separate Structural Analysis
CLC: Q53
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Octopus (Octopus) is a marine mollusk, widely distributed in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea waters, octopus polysaccharides and glycoproteins can promote the proliferation of splenocytes, enhanced the immunosuppressed mice nonspecific immune function, immune The role of regulation. In this paper, the short octopus meat carcass and wrist as raw material, through a variety of extraction and separation technology, were given short octopus carcass cold water to mention component (WBP-1a the WBP-1b, the WBP-2a, WBP-2b), short tetragnathids carcass enzyme the Uploader component (EBP-1a, the EBP-1b, EBP-2a, EBP-2b), short tetragnathids wrist cold mention component (WFP-1a, the WFP-1b, WFP-2a, WFP-2b) of 17 species of the polysaccharides that Octopus wrist enzyme mention components (EFP-1a, EFP-1b, EFP-1c, EFP-2a, EFP-2b), and a variety of chemical analysis and modern instrumental analysis techniques, preliminary determining the chemical structure the EFP-1a and WFP-2b, degradation trisaccharide In addition to the EFP-2a and WFP-2b, the two components chemically modified. Using cold water extraction, co-enzymatic method sequentially extracted short octopus carcass and wrist, the polysaccharide extracted WBP, WFP, EBP, EFP, respectively preliminary physicochemical properties. Its weight-average molecular weight, respectively, to 162.6 kD, the 266.4 kD.139.1 kD and 127.9 kD. EFP-2a the the PMP derivative by high performance liquid chromatography measured component the EFP-1a of the EFP been purified monosaccharide composition containing only glucose (GLC), the separated fraction obtained by separating the WFP the WFP-2b and EFP component monosaccharide composition is more complex, containing glucosamine (GlcN), nitrogen-acetyl galactosamine (GalNAc), mannose (Man), glucuronic acid (GlcUA), galactose (Gal) and salt fucose (Fuc). EFP and WFP respectively Q Sepharose 4 Fast Flow ion-exchange chromatography column and Sepharcryl S300 of gel exclusion chromatography column was further purified to give the EFP-1a, EFP-2a and WFP-2b, having a higher purity of the polysaccharide component . It was determined that the weight average molecular weight of 101.8 kD.6.7 kD and 28.2 kD, the sugar content of 92.3%, 17.0% and 17.0%, protein content of 1.9%, 22.7% and 15.7%, uronic acid content of 19.9%, 8.8 % and 14.1%, sulfate content of 3.3%, 4.9% and 8.0%, respectively, based on basic physical and chemical properties of the three the EFP-1a using full hydrolysis, the PMP derivatives by high performance liquid chromatography, methylation reaction and other chemical analysis methods and HPLC, IR, UV, NMR and GC-MS, and other modern instrumental analysis techniques to conduct in-depth study of its structure confirmed The EFP-1a a-glucan, the main chain of -1,4 - key-type molecules containing a small amount of 1,2 - key type. Using partial acid hydrolysis of the WFP-2b degraded into oligosaccharide fragments supplemented by TLC thin layer chromatography detected degradation conditions is determined using the Bio-Gel P6 gel column separation, the resultant trisaccharide fragment (WFP-2b3) structure using HPLC, MS and NMR instrumental analysis techniques to study results show that the WFP-2b3 GlcUA, Fuc and GalNAc connection: GlcUAβ1 → 4 (GalNAca1 → 3) Fuc which Fuc in reducing end of α and β configuration mutual conversion. In order to improve the medicinal value of EFP-1a and WFP-2b, paper products were purified sulfated derivative (EFP-1aS WFP-2bS, its sulfation modification) with sulfur trioxide - pyridine method . WFP-2bS the sulfate content of 33.3% was determined. Pharmacological studies of the octopus polysaccharide has been reported, but the octopus polysaccharides, especially research reported its Purification and structural analysis is still rare. A preliminary study of of Octopus ocellatus polysaccharide WBP, WFP, EBP, EFP, EFP-1a the EFP-2a and WFP-2b, more systematic study of short octopus the wrist enzyme mention components EFP-1a and short octopus wrist cold water to mention component the EFP-2a and the WFP-2b chemical modification studies can provide a reference for in-depth study for further research and development (R \u0026 D) and structure-activity relationship of short octopus polysaccharide.

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