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Response to the scientific theory of incommensurability alleged angle

Author: DangZuo
Tutor: FanYong
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords: Alleged Incommensurability Paradigm Cluster descriptive words Translation
CLC: N02
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Within the meaning of scientific theory terminology exists related to the understanding of scientific theory to explain the learning and its successor, the theory of comparative scientific realism and non-realism controversy. Mathematical term \In the philosophy of science, not to pass about means, for the same area, between successive theories are incommensurable. Incommensurability stems from two founder of the theory, the creation of the groups different backgrounds or environmental concept, their views of historic features, emphasizing the historical characteristics, that theory to maintain their independence. Incommensurability introduced by Kuhn and Feyerabend field of philosophy of science. Kuhn emphasized different paradigm incommensurability between successive scientific theories, Feyerabend focused Context differences between the theory of incommensurability. No matter which theory of incommensurability is intended to illustrate the scientific development is gradually moving towards a common mode for really not cumulative. Kuhn, scientific progress is relative to a paradigm of progress, similar to biological evolution. The he and Feyerabend's incommensurability perspective implicit theory of relative independence, authenticity for the theoretical evaluation of a false problem. The logical empiricist scientific theory terminology within the meaning of the object as the basis of judgment and choice theory. Historicism and postmodernism pointed out: there is no neutral observation, not judgment test, thus overthrowing the logical empiricism view - Scientific cumulative progressive development of, and gradually moving towards the truth. This article describes and contrast incommensurability, Kuhn and Feyerabend's point of view, it is pointed out that the the views they about scientific theories terminology alleged, concluded the alleged relationship incommensurability important question, whether the term referred to the object, or The translation can be established, and the alleged associated. As a result, the retrospective analysis of the alleged development, pointed out that the various allegations of the main points of the theory and inadequacies, and then from the perspective of Word Structure analysis, put forward the allegations seen as an attribute characteristics as the basic elements open collection, cluster descriptive words play the role of the representation function of the open set, and explain the different theories, translation does not prevent the selection and evaluation of the theory of incommensurability. This way, incommensurable theories can be seen as a collection on different conditions and changes to the original basis points additional common open, they are different, but still be able to compare and evaluate. Given not pass about a new positioning and explain incommensurability is a human ability to understand both temporary and eternal lag. Development and humanistic concept of unified standard for the selection and evaluation of scientific theories, is more suitable for the survival of humanity. The full text of important new understanding of incommensurability and its related problems.

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